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Jun 7, 2010 9:44 PM CST
Name: Lane Cockrell
Zone 8a, NW South Carolina US
eBuckets big results in small space
Jim the corn was actually grown in a homemade earth box (HEB) which is where I got the idea from the eBucket from. It is simply a 10 gallon vinyl storage box ( I now know the brand "rubbermaid" is stronger) with a false bottom that allows a reservoir of water. I put 2 6" square pots in to wick water into the mix. It has the pipe to put water in and a tube for drainage just like we use in the eBucket; so even though I used wood chips as a mulch I still watered from the bottom reservoir.

Even with my eBuckets I occasionally put water through the soil from the top. Why? mainly because that's what I feel like doing at the moment. Told you,I am not a fanatic for exact rules.

With the corn last year planted spaced seeds about 3" apart on each side of the box and ended up with a total of 8 plants growing to maturity some of them produced 2 ears each plant. So 8 plants in the box is equivalent to 4 plants for each 5 gallons. As everybody says need several stalks together for pollination. I just shake my stalks when they tassel (you can see the cloud of floating pollen that results

This year I am experimenting with the actual eBucket with 4 or 5 plants (I can't remember which, and it's to dark to check) that is doing great so far.

I agree about not having to worry to much about seasons if the temp is right we can control the other conditions with the containers.

Here is a site that gives a sample of the HEB, I didn't do anything nearly this complicated but you get the idea and I have a box I have use for 4 years.

(Remember we came up with the eBucket idea less than a year ago!!)

Here is a picture of the container of corn that produced the ears pictured above, this photo was taken 7-2 -09

While I am at it, I invite you to read my thoughts on this year's harvest so far.

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'Feeding the world, one eBucket at a time'

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