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Image Lucile's German Chunk Sweet Pickles
By Patricia Roberson on July 25, 2010

In the late 1930's, my mother-in-law, Lucile Roberson, scribbled her recipe for German Chunk Sweet Pickles in the back of her Watkins cookbook. She was nearly eighty when Robert and I married. When we decided to plant a vegetable garden, she passed the well worn cookbook and the traditional pickle making to us. These pickles really are quick and easy to make, even though the process is spread over twelve days from start to finish. ----- Wait a minute! Come back! Please! You don't actually work on them every day! ---- When I was young, I thought twelve days was a ridiculous amount of time to wait for pickles, but I soon realized that my husband's pickles, made from his mother's recipe, always disappeared from the relish tray and my extra quick sweet pickles, made using pickling lime and green food coloring, were ignored by guests. Lucile's pickles are now the only sweet pickles we ever make.

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Image Cooking Is Easy!
By Patricia Roberson on May 8, 2010

There's no magic required to cook good food. It's really just a matter of reading and following instructions. My two sons learned to cook when they were in their very early teens for the same reason that I did. They were hungry! I was working very long hours teaching and sponsoring numerous activities in a small school, and they were tired of their dad's macaroni and ground beef casserole. As forty-somethings they still don't want any more 'mac and burger.'

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I love to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but life does not always allow that. Yet we like good food! I hope you find ideas here that you can use and post your favorite quick and easy recipes too.

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