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The Recently Extinct Plants and Animals Database currently has 8,699 entries. These include 5,328 (sub)species which are "missing" or extinct, 230 which are extinct in the wild, and 1,789 which have been rediscovered. As well as 1254 domestic breeds (1,250 extinct, 4 rediscovered) and 97 cultivated varieties (51 extinct, 46 rediscovered).

While the database itself is still hosted here on, and will be for the next few years, I have already started to design and build my own dedicated website to house the database. It can be accessed at: If you have any questions whatsoever about either website, or about anything you've read here please don't hesitate to get into contact with me.

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Recent News:

The most recent rediscoveries can be seen here:

2/2/2015 A "living fossil" protist has been rediscovered after 70+ years.

25/10/2014 A small colony of Poecilozonites bermudensis, a presumed extinct land snail has been found in Bermuda's capital after around 40 years.

25/9/2014 Cuscomys oblativa, a species of rodent from Peru known only from two skulls dated to more than 400 years old, was rediscovered in 2012.

22/9/2014 The rediscovery of Arthrodamaeus rossicus has been reported in the literature.

10/9/2014 The hermit crab Pagurus spinulentus has been rediscovered.

7/9/2014 Today marks the 78th anniversary of the death of the last known Thylacine at Tasmania's Hobart Zoo in 1936.

5/9/2014 The plant Callianthe montana has been rediscovered in Minas Gerais state, Brazil after 180 years.

1/9/2014 Today marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Martha, the last known Passenger pigeon, who died in the Cincinnati Zoo at around 1 PM.

?/9/2014 The termite-eating dipteran fly Termitoloemus marshalli has been rediscovered.

30/8/2014 The Aldabra banded snail (Rachistia aldabrae) was rediscovered earlier this month. It was last seen in 1997, and declared extinct by Justin Gerlach in 2007.

28/8/2014 The Chatham Island kaka was scientifically described today as Nestor chathamensis.

12/8/2014 The Mauritius starling (Cryptopsar ischyrhynchus sp. nov.), a species only known from bones, was scientifically described by Julian Hume in today's edition of Zootaxa.

1/8/2014 The rediscovery of the Peruvian bat Mimon koepckeae was reported in the literature today.

3/4/2014 A new paper has been published today which describes 18 new species of endodontid snails from the French Polynesian island of Makatea. All are "probably extinct".

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Conservation videos

List of local rediscoveries
By Branden Holmes on March 2, 2013

Species and subspecies are not only globally rediscovered but also sometimes locally rediscovered. Although, in many instances it is difficult to distinguish whether this kind of genuine rediscovery has actually taken place rather than mere re-colonization of an area. Such a list of local rediscoveries seems never to have been attempted before, probably on account of it being a monumental task, so I thought that I would attempt to fill that niche.

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Possibly extinct butterflies and moths
By Branden Holmes on August 19, 2012

The following list contains the scientific names of 151 possibly extinct species and subspecies of recent butterflies and moths. This includes several taxa not currently listed in the database. I stress that each of these species and subspecies, if taxonomically valid, are "missing" and therefore potentially extinct. This does not mean that they are definitely extinct, although several clearly are because extensive surveys throughout all known habitat has not found a single individual.

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Explaining REPAD's Conservation Status Categories
By Branden Holmes on August 12, 2012

One of the planned future features of REPAD will be our own unique status categories. However this system will not be implemented until basically all potentially recently extinct species have been entered into the database. This itself is a significant task and I have not yet entered a single recently extinct plant into the database. This article is therefore more to test the waters regards the appropriateness of our own idiosyncratic status categories, and to receive feedback from visitors to the database regards any possible improvements which could be made before implementing this system.

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