Endangered Plants
Extinct Algae
Extinct Amphibians
Extinct Arthropods: Arachnids
Extinct Arthropods: Crustaceans
Extinct Arthropods: Insects
Extinct Arthropods: Myriapods
Extinct Birds
Extinct Breeds
Extinct Cultivars
Extinct Diseases
Extinct Echinoderms
Extinct Fish
Extinct Fungi
Extinct in the wild: Animals
Extinct in the wild: Plants
Extinct Mammals: Bats
Extinct Mammals: Marsupials
Extinct Mammals: Monotremes
Extinct Mammals: Placental Mammals
Extinct Mammals: Rodents
Extinct Molluscs: Bivalves
Extinct Molluscs: Gastropods
Extinct Nematoda
Extinct Nemerteans
Extinct Onychophorans
Extinct Plants
Extinct Platyhelminthes
Extinct Reptiles
Extinct Tardigrades
Iconic Australian Animals
Rediscovered Algae
Rediscovered Amoebozoans
Rediscovered Amphibians
Rediscovered Apicomplexa
Rediscovered Arthropods: Arachnids
Rediscovered Arthropods: Cirripeds
Rediscovered Arthropods: Crustaceans
Rediscovered Arthropods: Insects
Rediscovered Arthropods: Myriapods
Rediscovered Bacteria
Rediscovered Birds
Rediscovered Breeds
Rediscovered Ciliophorans
Rediscovered Cultivars
Rediscovered Echinoderms
Rediscovered Euglenozoans
Rediscovered Fish
Rediscovered Fungi
Rediscovered Hemichordates
Rediscovered Mammals: Bats
Rediscovered Mammals: Marsupials
Rediscovered Mammals: Monotremes
Rediscovered Mammals: Placental Mammals
Rediscovered Mammals: Rodents
Rediscovered Molluscs: Bivalves, Scaphopods
Rediscovered Molluscs: Gastropods
Rediscovered Plants
Rediscovered Platyhelminthes
Rediscovered Porifera
Rediscovered Protists
Rediscovered Reptiles

The Recently Extinct Plants and Animals Database

A database of "missing" and recently extinct species of plants and animals.

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