Extinct Algae
Extinct Amphibians
Extinct Annelids
Extinct Arthropods: Arachnids
Extinct Arthropods: Crustaceans
Extinct Arthropods: Insects
Extinct Arthropods: Myriapods
Extinct Birds
Extinct Breeds
Extinct Cnidarians
Extinct Cultivars
Extinct Diseases
Extinct Echinoderms
Extinct Fish
Extinct Fungi
Extinct in the wild: Animals
Extinct in the wild: Plants
Extinct Mammals: Bats
Extinct Mammals: Marsupials
Extinct Mammals: Monotremes
Extinct Mammals: Placental Mammals
Extinct Mammals: Rodents
Extinct Molluscs: Bivalves
Extinct Molluscs: Gastropods
Extinct Nematoda
Extinct Nemerteans
Extinct Onychophorans
Extinct Plants
Extinct Platyhelminthes
Extinct Reptiles
Extinct Sharks
Extinct Tardigrades
Iconic Australian Animals
Rediscovered Acanthocephalans
Rediscovered Algae
Rediscovered Amoebozoans
Rediscovered Amphibians
Rediscovered Annelids
Rediscovered Apicomplexa
Rediscovered Arthropods: Arachnids
Rediscovered Arthropods: Cirripeds
Rediscovered Arthropods: Crustaceans
Rediscovered Arthropods: Insects
Rediscovered Arthropods: Myriapods
Rediscovered Bacteria
Rediscovered Birds
Rediscovered Breeds
Rediscovered Ciliophorans
Rediscovered Cnidarians
Rediscovered Cultivars
Rediscovered Echinoderms
Rediscovered Euglenozoans
Rediscovered Fish
Rediscovered Fungi
Rediscovered Hemichordates
Rediscovered Mammals: Bats
Rediscovered Mammals: Marsupials
Rediscovered Mammals: Monotremes
Rediscovered Mammals: Placental Mammals
Rediscovered Mammals: Rodents
Rediscovered Molluscs: Bivalves, Scaphopods
Rediscovered Molluscs: Gastropods
Rediscovered Plants
Rediscovered Platyhelminthes
Rediscovered Porifera
Rediscovered Protists
Rediscovered Reptiles
Rediscovered Sharks

The Recently Extinct Plants and Animals Database

A database of "missing" and recently extinct species of plants and animals.

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