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May 17, 2011 10:20 AM CST
Name: New username - crittergarden
Unexpectedly Green Pittsburgh
username changed to crittergarden
Show me your critters!
And tell me about them!

This kitty was the love of my life:
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/232bfe
Her name was August. Here she is being irresistable:
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/364f77
Sadly, August passed a couple of years ago at the age of 17.
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/167b79

When I needed some life back in the house, I adopted a bonded pair of sister house rabbits:
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/80c943
Here they are enjoying hay and fresh greens - YUM!
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/5bcf0c
Here they are on a day I was taking them to the vet to get weighed:
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/afecc7
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/06c615
Here they are just being sisters:
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/6970fe

And in the garden, I have some critter friends:
This little guy would come out every morning and sit inthe sun right there where I could see him on my morning gaze out the window:
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/6b97e5
These guys haven't returned since a contractor rearranged the empty lot:
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/9a266b
And in rearranging, the contractor also took down the tree that held the hawk's nest....
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/b07f09
And one December, the black cherries were still on the tree (can't remember why) and the squirrels were having a fancy, flying feast.
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/d0eb29
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/5ea03a
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/2d9e1f
Here are some other critters that visit my garden:
Doves come by the flock.
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/23e882
Need no explaination....
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/659b63
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/b010cf
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/a855c3
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/9b835b
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/56a6f9
An Eastern Flicker, I believe.
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/3e4202
Rosebreasted Grosbeak
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/ee9d8a
This groundhog seemed to want to be a pet:
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/57fd78

Among the outdoor kitties who visit my garden are a good looking tortie:
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/4a6e25
A kitty I call Eyeliner kitty:
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/6d3d64
This fellow moved away with his humans and I miss him. He used to let me rub his belly:
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/f44662
And there are others whose pictures I don't have with me at the moment. I'll post them later.

Here's a very sweet kitty from the garden of a friend of mine:
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/48309b
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/8014fe

Here are some critters I stay with when their humans go out of town:
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/213e19
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/2c8910
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/f2c5b7
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/f91e88
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/d4875e
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/f4d9ca
Thumb of 2011-05-17/plantsANDpets/23682a

I can't get enough of the critters!
So show me yours.
Decisions, decisions.
I tried a couple of usernames and have finally settled on:


That's it, no more changes. I'm done. I will be crittergarden here, on Cubits, and when I renew my Dave's Garden subscription on Noveber 4, I'll be crittergarden over there, too. DONE!

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