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By Annmarie Bailey (1AnjL) on March 13, 2010

Family. That one word can say so much. It can describe an enormous family who frequently meet, a single child and widowed mother, or a child and adopted parents. It does not matter how we define our family nor how many people it consists of. What matters the most is how we interact with them. The quality time we spend with our family are moments remembered, moments never wasted.

  2010-03-13/1AnjL/54fae5 Family interaction helps children identify and define who they are. Children who spend quality time with family often have a better sense of self worth, get better grades in school and have self confidence that aids them later in life when interacting with peers and adults. These children are less likely to turn to electronics or drugs for amusement and companionship and more likely to enjoy long lasting friendships, sports and other group activities. Studies have shown that children in the latter category live happier and healthier lives.    


For a young child, spending time together is relatively easy. It may simply consist of a round of tickle time, reading them a bedtime story, or a trip to the park for some fun swinging time. In any case your child is receiving a loud message: "I matter to you, therefore I am important!" Your time and attention are the only way to convey that message. However, getting an older childs attention and maintaining it, is not always an easy task. It is sometimes difficult to come up with activities that the whole family will enjoy. Check with your local community for events that are geared toward families. Charity events are a great way to spend time with your child while also getting them involved in their community. Many hardware stores sell wood kits designed for children ages 5 and up. Even if your child is not old enough to build it themselves, they learn many things while watching and helping you. They learn how things work and how they are built. They also learn that directions, and attention to detail are important for a nice end result product. Build a toolbox kit with your child and help them fill the box with tools they can use for their projects. This will give them a sense of importance, and also encourage many more future projects and quality time to come.    2010-03-13/1AnjL/413464

   Another family pastime enjoyed by children of all ages is miniature gardening. A small garden is relatively easy to maintain, requires little space and can help teach a child responsibility. It will also encourage many more hours of quality time while tending the garden. A miniature garden can be started with just a simple nursery seed tray, a bit of soil and a few seeds. Your child will not only enjoy using their imagination to design and build their garden, but they will learn that with a bit of determination they can turn their dream or fantasy into a reality!   2010-03-13/1AnjL/e54c04

    As your child matures and ages you can spend time together discovering nature and all its wonders.  Encourage them to find out more about their surroundings and to question why and how things have become what they are. Show them how to look up animals and their habits and natural habitats. There are many free, simple, kid friendly wood projects available on the internet. Whether your child is interested in building a bat home, feeding the backyard squirrel or aiding in re-population of the White Throated Sparrow there are many opportunities for quality family time and simple wood projects to  keep them intrigued. These projects will also encourage children to use and develop problem solving skills they will need later in life. 

   2010-03-13/1AnjL/a519afChildren are naturally inquisitive about their world. Spending quality time with your child will help foster a good rapport with them. It will also encourage them to continue to explore their world and their surroundings. Later, they will be more likely to turn to you for answers to many questions that come up in their teen years. Most importantly they will enter adulthood with a solid sense of self, because they know deep down that they matter!  They will not get that self confidence from a purchased toy, video game, or a new car on their 16th birthday. That message can only come from you, and your time and attention.


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About Annmarie Bailey
I live in Northern CA with my husband and children. I enjoy gardening on miniature and grand scales, crafts, woodworking, art, animals, spending quality time with my children and making my grandson giggle.

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