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Feb 4, 2013 3:03 PM CST
Name: Carol Noel
Hawaii (near Hilo)
It's all about choices.
Ms. Burtons' latest issue of her 'newsletter' seems completely devoid of any information anyone could find useful. It IS a reminder,however, of how old forgotten souls can simply go nuts if they are not recognized and given some sort of status in life. She has pulled up two of her favorite subjects to scorn and slander-Ted Green and myself.

As I have total recall of my visit to her in Georgia AND the events that took place, I know categorically that everything she says about my visit are not true (except for the fact that I did visit her). I have never felt the need to bring up issues of that visit (sanitary conditions of her home, the organization (lack) of her office and equipment etc.) because that is NOT what people talk about when they have been guests in someones' home. I just wish I had saved the pictures taken during that visit...especially of her in the MuMus I had made for us....they were great!!! They didn't make anyone look pregnant unless they were morbidly obese in the first place.

What really pulls my chain is what a waste of time it is for her to criticize Ted Green for his Sales Catalogue from 1977 (hello?), and blame him for whatever mistakes a dealer by the name of Loyce Andrews made. Why? I am the first to admit that I have made wrong determinations re: a hoya...and history will proove she, too, has made her fair share of mistakes of IDs etc. Ted Green has done MORE to substantiate correct identity than just about anyone!

CASE IN POIINT - a couple of years ago Ted flew to a tiny island in the middle of nowhere (Pohnipei) to RECOLLECT a hoya that had originally been found there because the hoya in circulation as such was NOT that hoya. Mystery solved. Ted flew back to Borneo to reintroduce a hoya (H. spartioides, I believe) which he produced in tissue culture but had become extinct in its' habitat so that it could continue to live in its' natural habitat. It was HIS time, HIS money spent ....and he did this when he was 88 years old!!!!

I was lucky enough to bloom a hoya NO ONE has bloomed...that one in circulation as H.oreogena (which it is not) and I offered her the blooms so that she could do her scientific investigations of them (as she claims to have done on other hoyas to proove someone wrong and/or herself correct). I had to go thru other parties because she refuses to speak to me and I am blocked from her computer. She declined. So....how sincere IS her search for the truth? I have kept those blooms in solution so that someday someone might want to study them.

Injustice really bothers me, probably more than any other negative in life. And I find it unjust that someone can own a site on line, block anyone from defending themselves, and take potshots at others in such a nasty and negative and destructive way. She tells the same stories over and over and over...changing locations, people involved etc...but they are the same stories, and she might as well be reading Dr. Seuss out loud. Some of the stories I have investigated (talking with Dorothy Green, Margie Stone, Ms. Stover etc.) and Mrs. Burtons' versions are pure fabrication.

Unfortunately, the woman who has been putting out Fraterna for all of these years is in hospital. She has been ill for years and putting out Fraterna has been as a labor of love rather than anything else. Ann Wayman is another person villified by Chris Burton because (1) she never went to college and (2) she married when she was 16 years old. Ann has done more FOR hoya collecting/collectors thru her perseverance of FRATERNA than Chris Burton ever has dreamed of with her self-centric soapboxing.

NOTE: rainwater IS the best for watering hoyas and/or any other tropical plants. If you are curious, the analysis of your drinking water is available online. I looked up the water analysis for a small town in the state of Washington and found it gagginly nasty - and they only listed the first 10 chemicals present. Flouride is deadly to many tropical plants. So is chlorine. Leaving tap water to sit out for 24-48 hours helps to let the chemicals flash off.

PS I have no other venue to rebutt the vile statements make by Ms. Burton, so I post them here. No one is expected to comment...it's just my release. All poisons need to be released and this is the only way I can release her vindictive nastiness.

Leap. The net will appear.
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Feb 9, 2013 1:32 AM CST
Name: dorothy green
In Heaven there is no beer, that is
Carol. Well said. And you know, it's only her word that Mrs. Loyce Andrews had wrong names on her plants that she sold Ms. Burton. I doubt all the names were wrong. I"m sure there was the odd incorrect name. There is no one else to verify the events as she recalls them, so why would anyone believe what she says. It's only her word about anything or anyone. We have decided to just ignore what she says. I must say this latest rant was a humdinger.

Keep up the good work.
Feb 9, 2013 6:10 PM CST
Name: Kim Tipton
Western NY
Hi Carol,

Wanted to read it,,, But couldn't find it,,, You got the link.

Hope all is well.

Feb 9, 2013 6:43 PM CST
Name: Carol Noel
Hawaii (near Hilo)
It's all about choices.
OH gosh....my bad!!! I had assumed, when I was sent the article, that it was recent...and failed to see it was from 2006. Oy Vey - http://www.psthehoyan.com/PSTheHoyan5_4.htm

Leap. The net will appear.
Feb 10, 2013 8:22 PM CST
Name: Olesya Golland
New Jersey
Carol, thank you for posting the link. I agree with you when you said: "completely devoid of any information anyone could find useful". On the other hand, I agree with Dorothy more: "just ignore what she says". I can't give a better advice.

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