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May 11, 2010 11:22 PM CST
Name: Carol Noel
Hawaii (near Hilo)
It's all about choices.
For anyone who has read this auction on Ebay you will read alot of mistruths, misunderstandings (hers) and general negative slander. While it is typical behavior for Ms. Burton I now have the opportunity to tell the parts of the story Ms. Burton either doesn't remember or has chosen to ignore. It is also typical that she goes off half cocked about a situation she knows nothing about.

The truth of the matter is that the plant she is speaking of was sent to me as H. sp. Salweenica. When I went to Australia around 2005,to spend some time with David and Iris Marie Liddle, among the cuttings I took him was the aforementioned. It was puzzling to have a leaf of that shape, no specks, a flower like H. carnosa and clear sap.

(I am well aware of H. sp. Kunming Kina and in fact, received my first cutting from Ms. Burton herself, when we were friends.)

A number of years later David sent me a link to the Herbarium files in China and to the specific publications of H. carnosa. He called my attention to the description of H. carnosa ssp. carnosa which, in the files, was considered 'the type'. When I asked David if this referred to the sp. Salweenica he said "Seems so, doesn't it?". David was often loathe to make committments and statements without full on investigation on his own. I may not have dotted all of my 'i's there...but basically that is what happend. Ms. Burton must have a file somewhere with "choice bits I can nail people with" as my recounting this on Daves Garden must have happened about 2 or three years ago.

I do not believe that Ms. Burton has any sources who supply her with these choice tidbits of gossip and I believe she considers herself appointed by some higher power to run down, degrade, debase, slander and generally mock anyone else interested in hoyas who happens to say something or do something she disagrees with. Heaven forbid they use the wrong word, forget to cross their 'T' or not spell a word correctly. We are all relieved that Ms. Burton is perfect and has never made an error in her life.

Please be aware that this sort of growling has been going on for some time...decades in fact. Most of her regular targets (Ted Green, Dale Kloppenberg and anyone they might know) are so 'over it' they no longer pay attention. There is nothing to be alarmed about...Ms. Burton has been speaking of me in negative terms ever since she decided I insulted her. Whatever....?

Ms. Burton has a wealth of knowledge about Hoya. She has dedicated her life to collecting data and studying taxonomy and she has improved enormously over the years. She could be a wealth of knowledge and information if she left the personal hallucinations behind and concentrate on the conundrums presented....and work WITH people instead of against them.

Actually, I think it is really clever of Ms. Burton to drag all those red herrings around as she tries to sell a hoya she doesn't know the name of. And, rather unforgivable of her to put a plant up for auction that she has not bloomed and probably never will (yet she certainly has opinions about it, doesn't she?)

Just thought to set the record straight. New collectors are so often put off by the treacherous lurks/attacks by Ms. Burton, and those of us who have been aware of this behavior feel it important to let you know it is nothing serious.

Right, Chris? Rolling my eyes.

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