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Jan 26, 2011 6:10 PM CST
Name: Carol Noel
Hawaii (near Hilo)
It's all about choices.
This latest issue of Ms. Burton's observations and annoyances seems to be well tempered, especially the part where she states that 3 hoyas, H. sipitanguensis, H. walliniana and H. yapuensis are all synonimous. I have thought they looked so very much alike, as well (I think I would throw H. nabuanensis in there but then again, I am not a taxonomist). My question, is however, what about fragrance? To me H. sipitanguensis and H. walliniana have two very distinct (from eachother) fragrances... and this is a subject of investigation by a number of young taxonomists at this time. Stay tuned...I;ll pass on what I learn.

H. aff. albiflora: yes, Joni erred in omitting the "aff." from the name... and it was, actually, Ms. Burton who told me I should call it H. aff. albiflora. David Liddle did some preliminary investigations into this hoya at the Herbarium in Brisbane...but would not commit himself...and unfortunately he died before he could get back to it. Both Mark Randal and Ted Green think it is probably H. magnifica...but then again, the frangrances are so different!!! The differences in fragrances are, of course, based on which pollinator the flower is attracting...wonder how that works between same species in different locals?

As for her comments about Ted Green NOT being honest...I think that is a low blow. He may have been mistaken (with some hoya IDs) but that, to me, is not dishonesty as regards business. Her comment that he said..."Oh I knew that but I had to call it something..." is a quote she has stated often with regards to Ted in several different I tend to think it is just 'filler' for her nastyness. Ted also has a wry sense of humor...and he likely did say that phrase at one point...maybe even then vis a vis H. chlorantha. Who knows? Who cares?

Chris Burton could do the world a GREAT favor by sharing her knowledge with us, but holding her biased opinions to herself.

When Ms. Burton states : H. diptera and H. vanuatuensis are the same, she is making the same error she accuses others of making in publishing hoyas. Ted Green published H. vanuatuensis and as far as I know it has been accepted as that hoya...accepted by his peers (except Ms. Burton). Because Ms. Burton doesn't think it is that hoya...she should preface her statement that it is in HER opinion...

I believe the hoya that Joni lists as H. fischeriana is H. aff fischeriana...not claiming to be H. fischeriana... I could be wrong. I have that hoya which blooms very differently from Ted Greens' H. fischeriana... It's a sweet hoya...blooms constantly all summer....I love it!!!

Leap. The net will appear.

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