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May 3, 2013 11:16 PM CST
Name: Carol Noel
Hawaii (near Hilo)
It's all about choices.
Today I went out to just check on the shade house and, by change felt the leaves on H. dasyantha. Uh? Hmmmm soft, kind of leathery...not healthy 'feeling' I unhooked it from the supports and took it to the bench....Thumb of 2013-05-04/AlohaHoya/35ef55

The plant felt loose in the wiggled a bit. When I pulled the main stem the roots moved. Sad

So...I tipped the whole mass out onto the table. I tip out my plants often...whenever I want to see what the roots look like and it doesn't damage or insult the plant in the least... Here's what I found:
Thumb of 2013-05-04/AlohaHoya/23b480

About a handful of roots from a 10" diameter pot. I started snipping. Yes...looks like a few white healthy roots ....but....they were not the norm. All the major roots, when snipped, were devoid of any milk/moisture. Dead.

Here's the size of the plant on the lawn.... Thumb of 2013-05-04/AlohaHoya/fa0f16

So I took some cuttings. With a bucket of compost and potting mix I laid the plant at the bottom of a fruit tree and poured the soil over it...watered it in. I'll keep an eye on it until it has's epiphytic, it really doesn't need roots once the vine has rooted into the tree trunks. Unforunately, we are going into a try spell so will have to pretend rain on the trunks...but it has a much better chance of surviving with a tree to cling to.

Whenever I lose a large plant, it's usually because of too much water! Now...the same amount of water (all living in the shade house, open mesh that lets in the same amt. of rain) didn't phase other Hoyas hanging nearby (maybe 4 feet away). And I can only blame myself...H. dasyantha comes from the same area in China where H. carnosa was found (in fact to my uneducated eye they are almost identical but dasyantha has a different fragrance)...and H. carnosa prefers dry to wet and cool to I should have put H. dasyantha out with a most crumbly NONbiodegradable mix. But I had redwood chips in it and they do break down. Which they did. I should have grown H. dasyantha more like H. carnosa...silly me. Next time!

Even tho' this hoya was growing in a bulb pot (more wide than deep) it managed to rot at the bottom... Hoyas tend to put out shallow roots (hey, they have to grow support to grow in very shallow notches in trees....)so deep pots will stay damp/wet/soggy so much longer than the top of the pots and that is death on roots.....

So I have learned yet another lesson.... feel as well as sight is important. Leaves can look fine but feel not quite right. Trust your intuition....

Leap. The net will appear.

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