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Aug 9, 2013 5:21 PM CST
Name: Carol Noel
Hawaii (near Hilo)
It's all about choices.
Here's the list of what I have to sell. This will probably be IT for this year... with an order of 4 or more there's a 10% discount. They are all rooted plants.

AUGUST PLANT SALE There are multiples of some plants offered which will be alloted on a first come basis. Shipping will depend upon size/weight of box.

H. Mathilde. Cross between H. carnosa X H. serpens. Multiple rooted cuttings in one pot. $12.
H. odorata. Likes bright indirect light. Very fragrant white flowers. $10.
H. australis ssp. rupicola. The picture is of the mother plant to show the gorgeous flowers! One of the best fragrances of any hoya out there. Likes hot and dry. $10
H. amoena. Large fragrant H. acuta similar flowers, but larger. Lovely hoya. $12

H. diversifolia Anthony. This is a clone from Ted Green that blooms much better than other clones I have grown. This is a large growing, 4wd hoya....perfect for kids to 'grow their own'. $10
H. sp. Ban Ngong Ngoy - from Thailand. IML 1541 Flowers similar to H. pubicalyx but produces more blooms. Full grower (not long and leggy). $10

H. finlaysonii. Stiff cardboard like leaves with interesting pattern. Golfball sized blooms. Fragrant. $10

H. fitchii. Wonderful leaves and great blooms that cover plant when it flushes. (Peduncles included - :O)) $12
H. hellwigiana. Wonderful leaves, fragrant. $10.
H. cv. Iris Marie. Great bloomer, VERY fragrant. $10
H. juannguoiana. Generous bloomer. Fragrant $10
H. Joy. Dark margins on generous leaves. Fragrant. $10 SOLD
H. pottsii IML 0039. Gorgeous leaves. $10 SOLD
H. pottsii IML 0616. Coppery leaves in high light. Fragrant $10 SOLD
H. sipitanguensis. Colorful smallish leaves. Fragrant. $10 SOLD
H. calycina StarGazer. Larger leaves and flower than the Type. $10
Stephanotis floribunda. First cousin to Hoyas, they are called the Hawaiian Wedding Flower. Grow like Hoya. Incredibly fragrant. $12.

I don't understand why the pictures didn't show...if you want pictures, just ask....

Leap. The net will appear.

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