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Family Name: Garrett

Alternative Spelling 1: Garratt

Alernative Spelling 2: Garret

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Posted by threegardeners on Sep 5, 2010 9:33 AM CST:
Updated info:

Ontario, Canada Births, 1869-1909
about Garnet Clifford Garrett
Name: Garnet Clifford Garrett
Date of Birth: 11 Jan 1903
Gender: Female
Birth County: Ontario
Father's name: George Jennis Garrett
Mother's name: Amelia C Osborne
Roll Number: MS929_164

I found George Garrett in the 1911 census with his wife Amelia and his mother in law Catherine Osborne, and his son Garnet.
George was born in England in Oct. 1870.
Amelia was born in Ontario in May 1869.
Garnet was born Jan 1902.
Catherine was born in England Mar 1825.
George immigrated in 1887 and Catherine immigrated in 1852.

Posted by okus on Mar 9, 2010 8:12 AM CST:
Thread at Stark, Garrett, Osbourne, Wilson, Phillips in Family Names

Updated March 9, 2010 by ThreeGardeners:

My Grandfather was Garnet Clifford Garrett...
Garnet Clifford Garrett
His Mother: Amelia C Osborne
His Father: George Jennis Garrett

I'd love to know if Amelia had a sister. I have an old photo Mom found. It's from the 30's. A white woman sitting at a table with a huge family (maybe 25) African American people (what IS the politically correct term now anyways?) Maybe it was George's sister? Anyways, keeping the times in mind...Mom says that her Mother (Ada Garrett, nee Phillips), who was very "proper British" refused to ever speak of them and wouldn't allow Grampa to either. So, there is an entire branch of family of mine somewhere in the Deep South that I have absolutely no knowledge of!!
hmmm...maybe it was Ada's sister

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