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Family Name: Moore

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State or UK County or Region: VA, TN, AR

Place or Area Name: Nashville, Davidson, TN, Dyersburg, Dyer, TN, Rector, Clay, AR

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Cubit Member: KY Belle

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"1946 Thomas Anderson "Tip" Priest and Ruby Faye Moore Priest"
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"1955 Ruby Faye Moore Priest, Georgia Green Johnson Moore, Joann Hillary Priest Palmer, Billie Priest, Teresa Palmer, and unknown child"

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"Janice Moore Williamson, daughter of William Edgar and Georgia Johnson Moore, wife of George Edward Williamson"
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"Georgia Johnson Moore and Ghuyraine Moore"
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"Ghuyraine Moore and stepdad T.B. Hardin"
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"Alpha Earl Moore who lived in Piggott Arkansas most of his life farming with his two sons. On the right is his father and my husband's Great Great Grandfather Andrew Edgar Moore, son of James B. Moore and Elizabeth Petty Dodson Moore. Andrew was born in N"
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Posted by UniQueTreasures on Mar 9, 2010 7:33 PM CST:
The Moore Family is in my husband's mother, Joann Hillary Priest Colvin's (1935-1981) line.
Her mother was Ruby Faye Moore (1902 - 1975).
I am only now learning more about the Moore family. This is what I do know:
Ruby's father was William "Willie" Edgar Moore, (1876 Dyersburg, TN -1937 Rector, AR)
Willie married Georgia Green Johnson Moore.
Willie's father was Andrew Edgar Moore (1855 Nashville, TN - 1929 Leachville, AR)
Andrew's father was James Benjamin Moore (1804 VA - 1870 Dyer, TN).

Several brothers married several sisters in this family. I'm still trying to sort out all of the relationships.

Pedigree of Joann Hillary Priest Colvin
Pedigree View For Ruby Faye Moore

Moore, Zook, Roach, Yates
Moore, Zook, Roach, Yates. I have a lot of info on my mothers side of the family the Zook side of the family but am stuck on my fathers side the Moores. My great grandfather is as far as I can go. Supposely he was born in Illinois at least that is what my great uncle put on the death certicate but dont know what county he was born in. He was John A. Moore born in July 1851.

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