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Family Name: Rogers

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State or UK County or Region: VA, TN

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State or UK County or Region: VA

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"Family tree"
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"Silvester Rogers, Son of Erastus the 2nd child of Jesse Rogers 1850"
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Posted by tarogers5 on Mar 13, 2010 8:51 PM CST:
Did a DNA test to try and bridge the gap from Jesse Rogers 1801, Thomas Rogers 1780, Thomas Rogers 1740 and Adenstone Rogers 1670. I have them linked but no proof yet. The weakest link is from Thomas SR to Adenstone Rogers. From there it is a clear shot to 1260
I welcome any input on this period of Rogers history.

Posted by UniQueTreasures on Mar 9, 2010 8:30 PM CST:
Janes, Rogers

Conversation between Judyb and tarogers5:

My paternal name is Jaynes (Janes) and while researching I asked my brother to do a YDNA test. It shows that we are probably not related to the Janes families in KY but were descendants of Rogers in TN. We match closely with Doswell Rogers bn 1736 in VA. Some of his sons went to TN.

I'm trying to find male surname descendants of Spencer Janes in order to do YDNA testing to get more information.

I am from the family Rogers Thomas and brother Doswell in VA. Though I do not have any information on Spencer.
I am interested in the time frame you stated as I have only gone back to 1740 with the birth of Thomas and his brother Doswell.

It's my understanding that brotherhood between Thomas and Doswell is only assumed. It seems likely to me but there doesn't seem to be a paper trail. Doswell was born in 1736, apparently 4 years before his assumed brother Thomas.

Have you done any YDNA testing? If you're from the "Thomas" line, that would help prove brotherhood if there was a close match-up.

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