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Posted by UniQueTreasures on Mar 9, 2010 8:46 PM CST:
Crane, Kratzert, Samo, Springer
I've traced all four of my grandparent's families back to when they arrived in the US (which was anywhere from about 1635 to 1912). So I've got a lot of info on these families if anyone else is also researching them. The Cranes started off in Connecticut and New Jersey in the 1630's and wound up in Ohio, and the Springers have been in PA since they arrived in the country in 1752. The Kratzerts arrived from Austria/Germany in 1874 and lived in Ohio & Pennsylvania. The Samos arrived from Germany in 1912 and as far as I know headed straight to Ohio.

Some other names in the tree include Eggers, Ennis, Weakley, Woodward, Kitchell, Hathaway, Deane, Wilbore, Pierson, Bruen, Christy, Scott (several different ones), Zimmerly, Berlacher/Berlocker, Johnston, Davis, Berry, Davidson, Hamilton, Henry/Henrich, Mowry/Mauer, Myers, Stabler, Plowman, Shuey, Gunckel/Kunkle, Gerberich, Hales, Pilgrim, Boll, Meanor

My current brick wall is George Hales--he was born in 1835 in VA and then moved to Ohio at some point before 1859 when he married Candice Pilgrim in Richland county, OH. He also fought in the Civil War. He died somewhere between 1900 and 1910. His daughter Abigail married William Crane. I've been trying to figure out his parents forever so if anyone has any leads on him that would be much appreciated!

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