Ancestry and Genealogy Ancestry and Genealogy: Brezler, (including: Bregler, Bresler, Breghler )

Family Name: Brezler

Alternative Spelling 1: Bregler

Alernative Spelling 2: Bresler

Alernative Spelling 3: Breghler

Cubit Member: UniQueTreasures


Place or Area Name: Wurtenberg aka Wurttemberg

Date From

Date To


State or UK County or Region: MD & VA

Place or Area Name: Baltimore, & Front Royal,

(Image by UniQueTreasures)
"Linden Virginia Brezler Bolen Bass"
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(Image by UniQueTreasures)
"Linden Virginia Bolen Brezler Bass and Charles Henry Bass, Jr."
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Posted by mazzav on Jul 26, 2012 12:08 PM CST:
My maiden name was Brezler and I am looking for any relatives that may still live in the Baltimore/Maryland area. My father's name was Charles A. Brezler (dod 8/1988) and his father's name was Clyde A. Brezler (dod unknown).

Posted by UniQueTreasures on Mar 4, 2010 11:05 AM CST:
Taken from post # 78771 by UniQue Treasures in the Family Names Forum.

My father's mother was Linden Virginia Bolen Brezler Bass (1907-1982) her parents, Albert H. Brezler (1879-1911) and Sadie Clare McCuen Brezler (1887-1911).

This is what I know... When Linden was a small child she contracted measles. She passed them on to her mother, Sadie and Sadie died shortly after that. Sadie's parents (Turner Jackson McCuen and his wife, Ida Mae Bolen McCuen) raised Linden after that. Linden was on the 1910 census with Sadie and her grandparents in Baltimore. Albert was living with his mother Mary Brezler in Baltimore on the 1910 Census. Albert died of Tuberculosis in 1911. According to 1910 Census records, Albert was a Salesman at Retail Grocery. Some of the Brezler descendants are still living in Baltimore, MD today.

Albert's parents were Jacob Brezler (1848- about 1900) and Mary Brezler (1849-?). Jacob, at age 5, arrived in Baltimore on October 22,1853 from Wurtenburg, Germany. He crossed on the ship Peter.

His parents were Charles Karl Brezler (1807-?) and Margaretha Gross Brezler. Karl and Margaretha arrived in Baltimore on October 22,1853 from Wurtenburg, Germany. He crossed on the ship Peter. According to ship records, Charles was a Shoemaker. Charles (Karl) and Margaretha brought 8 children to America with them, ranging from 9 months to 19 years old. Last known record for Charles Karl Brezler was the 1860 Census for Hagerstown, Washington, MD. He was still a shoemaker on that census.

Charles Karl's father was Christof Brezler (1773-?) and his mother's name is unknown.

Pedigree View For Linden Virginia Bolen Brezler
What was it Like to Immigrate from Germany in the 19th Century?

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