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» What the heck is Cubits?
» How do I JOIN the Ancestry and Genealogy Cubit?
» What's the difference between Cubits.org, Cubit, Forum and Thread?
» How do I post to existing threads?
» How do I start a new thread (topic)?
» How do I add a photo to my post?
» How do I post links, etc. in threads?
» About your PROFILE?
» How do I get one of those AVATARS?
» What if I have a question not posted here?
» Do you have a Database for Family Names?

What the heck is Cubits?
Here's a brief summary:

Dave Whitinger and his wife Trish, from Jacksonville, Texas, have set up a community where anyone can start up a website. The majority of the cubit owners have migrated from Dave's original site called Dave's Garden. He is THE Dave of that site. He's an incredible programmer that is very "people oriented".

The community of Cubits is filled with cubits of various interests, each owned by the community members of Cubits.org. I've known many of these folks for several years and will "vouch" for 99% of them. They are mostly gardening type folks who have a variety of other interests. There's something for everyone here. If you don't find it, feel free to start up your own cubit!

Here is a place to see what the Main Site looks like. Feel free to click on any of the Cubits that interest you. You can JOIN any of these cubits to keep an eye on the happenings within each one. The site is free to use. It's an excellent way to start your own website where you are in total control! Cubits.org makes your site come up within the top ranks of Google Searches. It's a win, win for everyone! If you are interested in finding out more about it, let me know.

For Specific Questions and Answers about the MAIN WEBSITE, Cubits.ORG, please Click Here. Dave has explained all about Cubits in his own FAQ.

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How do I JOIN the Ancestry and Genealogy Cubit?
It's really easy! Just click on the JOIN THIS CUBIT button and you're done!

We'll be delighted to have you as a member of our cubit. We ask that you be respectful of others and have a good time. Couldn't be any easier than that.

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What's the difference between Cubits.org, Cubit, Forum and Thread?
OK, this is the only way I can think of to explain how this thing works.

Cubits.org is the MALL.

ANCESTRY AND GENEALOGY is my Cubit, that is within the MALL (Cubits.org). Think of this as the MY STORE.

A Forum is like a section of MY STORE. I've tried to break down the forums into main categories of places I think folks will be most likely to want to post. Each of these forums is a place to post threads or topics. It will hopefully help to organize the reading a bit so it's not all jumbled together. Members of this cubit can post across the board in any of the forums.

If you can think of others Forums you'd like to see, please post your suggestion here in Suggestions and Ideas. If there is enough interest in it, we'll be happy to add that to our Forum List.

Threads are Topics within the Forums. Think of the threads as discussions. Some will be "long winded" with many folks posting and some will be to the point, specifically about a certain subject. I haven't done a thorough testing yet, but think that 40-50 posts within a thread should be about the "limit" on any thread. The more posts, especially posts with photos, there are in a thread, the longer it takes for folks on mobile phones and dial up connections to load the pages. You can always continue a discussion by starting a new thread. In cases where a discussion is being continued, please post a link to the new discussion at the end of the old one, and also post a link to the old discussion in the new one, so that if someone selects the new thread, they can easily see it's part of a previous discussion.

In Cubits, you will need to watch both FORUMS (for new thread additions) and THREADS (or just post to the thread for automatic watching) if you want them to show up on your Home Page. There are buttons to watch different things on each of the pages. Your HOME PAGE will show new additions to anything you've watched. LOOK for the RED "YES" on the left hand column.

It all sounds a bit complicated, but in no time you'll easily find your way around and start having fun visiting with other members of the club.

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How do I post to existing threads?
To post to an existing thread, just use the REPLY BOX at the bottom of each of the forums. Type away your response and then click PREVIEW or FINISHED. Your response will show up at the end of the discussion. Sometimes you will get a message that other replies have come in while you were typing. You can return to the thread, click on FIRST UNREAD, and then back up to post(s) right above yours to see what was typed while you were typing.

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How do I start a new thread (topic)?
Sometimes what we have to share isn't something that can be added on to an existing thread (or topic). That's the time you will want to start a new thread. If you want to add to the Family Names Forum, it's a good idea to start your own thread. Be sure to include as much information as you know so that we can possibly help you find out more about your family.

In any of the forums, at the very bottom of the Thread (topics) list, you will see a place to begin a new thread. You will need to fill in the SUBJECT box and then state your post in the message box. You can add a photo to this post, which will show up in the Thread List.

If at any time you forget your photo, or want to change it, let me know and I will help you correct the post. If you find out that you've typed an error in your Family Names Subject Title, I can also correct that. Just let me know. I try to watch them closely, but sometimes errors do get by. We want your information to be as accurate as can possibly be.

Notice that at the bottom right of each post is a POST #. You can click on that number and a window will open with ONLY that post. The URL at the top of the screen will be something you can copy and paste if you want to share that particular post elsewhere.

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How do I add a photo to my post?
First off, photos are most welcome. Please make sure they are tasteful though. We request that you keep the size of your photos to a smaller email size so that folks who are viewing the site on mobile phones or from dial up connections can view them easily. Too many big photos make for really long waits for threads to load.

Secondly, now that you've decided to add a photo, you will need to put something in the reply box. Anything that will identify your photo will be helpful. i.e., Aunt Betty, Uncle Billy Bob Joe Fred, My Dad, The Colvin Family.... The rules of the system are that each response must be different. i.e., Aunt Betty #1, Aunt Betty #2 , etc. This prevents spammers from flooding the site with useless drivel. It also lets the system know that you have 2 separate photos to post. Some folks just use numbers. i.e., 1,2,3,4,5. etc. Personally, I just like to put a nice description of my photo here.

Thirdly, now that you've put your message in the reply box, click on the BROWSE button, under Add an image? You will then have to find your image and open it. When the name of the file appears in the empty box there, you are ready to post. You can click on Preview, just to make sure you have the correct photo. Then once you've previewed the post and the image, you will click on FINISHED. This will post your message and photo to the thread you are responding to.

You can do this same thing if you want to start a new thread in any of the forums.

At this time, only one image per thread is allowed. Dave has disabled the images within the posts and all photos must be attached. I'm sure he did this for virus safety issues. Animated graphics are not allowed in the images.

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How do I post links, etc. in threads?
Cubits is run using BBCodes, instead of HTML. It's a much easier system for the Cubit Owners to use. You can access BBCodes Allowed on Cubits to see what all is available. This is one of Dave's Posts and I find it very helpful for making clean looking posts. If new "gizmos" are allowed, this link will be automatically updated.

You will see emoticons at the bottom of the post reply box. Just click on them to add them to your post. What you will see is the command in the post box. What you will see in the thread itself AFTER IT IS POSTED are the icons for the smilies.

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About your PROFILE?
Your Profile is what anyone that sees your name or photo can click on to read more about you. You are given several choices when you create your profile: Name, Location, Interests and Photo. You can post just a first name, if you are concerned about privacy issues. You can also post a general location, for the same reasons (or leave it blank)

It can be edited at any time by clicking on your name OR Clicking on YOUR ACCOUNT, and then clicking on SET YOUR PUBLIC PROFILE.

You can also change some other things by clicking on MANAGE SITE PREFERENCES. This is a place to explore how the site is shown to you. If you have any questions about how things work, I'll be happy to help. Just send me a c-mail.

You can post a photo for your AVATAR in your profile. Anytime someone clicks on that photo, your profile will show up and you can click on the photo there to see an enlarged version of the avatar you've chosen.

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How do I get one of those AVATARS?
AVATARS are the photos of people who are posting on the site. Mine (UniQueTreasures) will change frequently, so don't be surprised if you see me as a praying mantis, or some other copper sculpture. Sometimes I even post photos of myself.

You can post a photo for your AVATAR in your profile. Anytime someone clicks on that photo, your profile will show up and you can click on the photo there to see an enlarged version of the avatar you've chosen.

If you edit your AVATAR, it will also change in every post you've ever made.

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What if I have a question not posted here?
If you have a question that you don't see posted here, you can Contact our Help Desk and we will be happy to answer your question.

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Do you have a Database for Family Names?
YES!! Its HERE!! If the name you are researching isn't there start a thread in the Family Names forum add as much detail as you can and we will add your family to the database. If you want to add to or amend an existing record there is a suggest amendments option below each entry and there is also a comments thread where you can post individual information.

Feel free to add pictures too, we would love to be able to spot family likenesses across the generations - but remember this is a public site DO NOT post pictures of your young children or images of an intimate nature. Please allow 24 hours for us to approve your images. If that time has passed and your images are still not appearing, please send us mail so we can check out the situation and find out why they are not posting.

Privacy is always a concern in this day and age. You must weigh the pros and cons of posting your information on the internet. We are not responsible for the information you provide. We will never sell your information to anyone. If we feel you've posted too much information for safety's sake, we'll delete it and let you know about it. Thanks for understanding!

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Database and Pages
Ancestry Resources
Our database is only as useful as the accuracy of the information it contains.
Please keep in mind that we will copy your posts about your family into the comment section. Once your post has been entered, you will see a (*) beside the names in the subject line.
Because timestamps on edits are optional, we ask that if you edit your posts AFTER YOU SEE THAT STAR IN YOUR SUBJECT LINE, you let us know so we can update the information in the database.

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