FAQ ~ Ancestry and Genealogy FAQ: What the heck is Cubits?

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Mar 3, 2010 12:23 PM CST
Name: Janet Colvin
Z8~Beaumont~Southeast Texas
Proud member of Cubits.org
Here's a brief summary:

Dave Whitinger and his wife Trish, from Jacksonville, Texas, have set up a community where anyone can start up a website. The majority of the cubit owners have migrated from Dave's original site called Dave's Garden. He is THE Dave of that site. He's an incredible programmer that is very "people oriented".

The community of Cubits is filled with cubits of various interests, each owned by the community members of Cubits.org. I've known many of these folks for several years and will "vouch" for 99% of them. They are mostly gardening type folks who have a variety of other interests. There's something for everyone here. If you don't find it, feel free to start up your own cubit!

Here is a place to see what the Main Site looks like. Feel free to click on any of the Cubits that interest you. You can JOIN any of these cubits to keep an eye on the happenings within each one. The site is free to use. It's an excellent way to start your own website where you are in total control! Cubits.org makes your site come up within the top ranks of Google Searches. It's a win, win for everyone! If you are interested in finding out more about it, let me know.

For Specific Questions and Answers about the MAIN WEBSITE, Cubits.ORG, please Click Here. Dave has explained all about Cubits in his own FAQ.

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