FAQ ~ Ancestry and Genealogy FAQ: How do I add a photo to my post?

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Mar 3, 2010 12:34 PM CST
Name: Janet Colvin
Z8~Beaumont~Southeast Texas
Proud member of Cubits.org
First off, photos are most welcome. Please make sure they are tasteful though. We request that you keep the size of your photos to a smaller email size so that folks who are viewing the site on mobile phones or from dial up connections can view them easily. Too many big photos make for really long waits for threads to load.

Secondly, now that you've decided to add a photo, you will need to put something in the reply box. Anything that will identify your photo will be helpful. i.e., Aunt Betty, Uncle Billy Bob Joe Fred, My Dad, The Colvin Family.... The rules of the system are that each response must be different. i.e., Aunt Betty #1, Aunt Betty #2 , etc. This prevents spammers from flooding the site with useless drivel. It also lets the system know that you have 2 separate photos to post. Some folks just use numbers. i.e., 1,2,3,4,5. etc. Personally, I just like to put a nice description of my photo here.

Thirdly, now that you've put your message in the reply box, click on the BROWSE button, under Add an image? You will then have to find your image and open it. When the name of the file appears in the empty box there, you are ready to post. You can click on Preview, just to make sure you have the correct photo. Then once you've previewed the post and the image, you will click on FINISHED. This will post your message and photo to the thread you are responding to.

You can do this same thing if you want to start a new thread in any of the forums.

At this time, only one image per thread is allowed. Dave has disabled the images within the posts and all photos must be attached. I'm sure he did this for virus safety issues. Animated graphics are not allowed in the images.

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