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Mar 25, 2010 6:22 PM CST
Name: Jean
Victoria, Australia
William Price has been a real mystery to me. I have lots on him in Australia but having no leads to England , it has been impossible to find him there. From a distant family member who went to England to research some of the family, they have him as being from Mt Pleasant, London. I cannot find this place and wonder how accurate their research was. Probably not good as he was not in their direct line of research.
William must have migrated to Australia before 1847 as this was when he married Lettice Maltby. These two were my gt gt grandparents.
Lettice came to Australia in 1844 with her parents and siblings. She was given 2 months jail in 1847 along with her new illegitimate baby son. The charge was for perjury regarding who was the father of the child. ( as far as I know, she didn't know William before and he was not the father of her son) William Price gave the child his name when he married Lettice.
I would dearly love to have more on the origins of William and also Lettice who was born in Averham , Nottinghamshire in Oct 1827. Her parents were George Maltby ( 1800 Southwell) and Frances Milward (1800 Averham)
Thank you.
Mar 26, 2010 4:26 AM CST
Name: Carol
Lincolnshire, UK
There are two areas called Mount Pleasant in London. One is a street which now houses the central postal sorting office, the other is a district in the Lambeth area, Mt Pleasant, Lambeth, London SE27 9PU, United Kingdom in Google maps will produce the area, it centres on the West Norwood cemetery which may be easier to find.
The sorting office is on this street

There is a description and pictures here

Do you have an approximate age for your William Price, or a trade or occupation? It is not a rare name!! I have several transportations but if he was a free man in 1845 then they can't be him unless he was older than I guess but I'm still looking!

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Mar 26, 2010 7:11 AM CST
Name: Carol
Lincolnshire, UK
I have a Lettice Maltby in Nottinghamshire in the 1841 census, she was a 15 year old servant in the home of a farmer called Edwin Calvert in Westhorpe, Southwell , Notts. This is the only one on the census and the age and place look about right.
The rest of the family is living in Siding Lane, Farnsfield ,Notts and George is described as a Labourer, all are Nottinghamshire born. Ages on the 1841 were rounded down to the nearest 5 except for those under 15 so may be a bit off:
Name: George Maltby
Age: 40
Estimated birth year: abt 1801
Gender: Male
Where born: Nottinghamshire, England

Civil parish: Farnsfield
Hundred: Thurgarton (Southwell Division)
County/Island: Nottinghamshire
Country: England

Registration district: Southwell
Sub-registration district: Southwell

Household Members: Name Age
George Maltby 40
Frances Maltby 40
George Maltby 15
Allice Maltby
Sarah Maltby 10
Thomas Maltby 7

From Nottinghamshire, England, Extracted Parish Records The marriage appears to be:
Text: George Maltby, of Southwell, & Frances Milward, lic. 01 Jan 1822 Book: Marriages at Averham. 1538 to 1837. (Marriage) Collection: Nottinghamshire: - Register of Marriages, 1538-1837

And from Pallots marriage index see attached snip:

In passing I also found this
Nottinghamshire, England, Extracted Parish Records
about John Milward Anne Maltby
Text: John Milward, of Gold Hill, p. Halam, co. Nott., & Anne Maltby, lic. 02 Jan 1826
Book: Marriages at Averham. 1538 to 1837. (Marriage)
Collection: Nottinghamshire: - Register of Marriages, 1538-1837

which looks like a related marriage. There aren’t many Maltbys around the area.

This may or may not be your George, there are 3 other references to Crown Grants in Belfast too:

Names in Government Gazettes, Victoria

County: Victoria

Country: Australia

Year: 1863

Page: 2583

Given name: George

Surname: Maltby

Subject: Title Deeds Belfast

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Mar 26, 2010 8:36 AM CST
Name: Carol
Lincolnshire, UK
There is absolutely no guarantee this is the right William but it is the only baptism I can find in the Mount Pleasant area in the 1824-26 time scale. If you can pinpoint a date of birth I'll look again.

Snip attached

Thumbnail by okus


Mar 26, 2010 4:23 PM CST
Name: Jean
Victoria, Australia
Carol, thank you for all that. It gives me more for the Maltbys.
Regarding William Price. I have a lot of information on various members of the family from a relative who said she had a researcher do some of it for her.
From this , it seems that William was a lot older than Lettice.
The dates show he may have been born c. 1797 and arrived in Australia around 1837. He may well have been a convict and gained his freedom before meeting Lettice. Seeing that link you gave with a prison at Mt Pleasant, it seems possible.
On the dates given , he would have been 50 at marriage . It seems he fathered 12 children and would have been around 70 when the last child was born.
William died in 1881 of old age.
I have copies of various newspaper reports on the family from later years but dates are vague.
In the info from my relative, it seems there was an older child Frances ( Fanny) who would have been 19 at time of the 1841 census. she may have been already married or living elsewhere. She was not listed on the ship with family. I also have a Mary Ann b 1824. She was on the ship with the family but at census time may have been living elsewhere too .
Thank you again. It's a slow process but one hopes to get somewhere in the end. I just wish my ancestors had more unusual names . It would be easier to find them.
Mar 27, 2010 10:22 AM CST
Name: Carol
Lincolnshire, UK
I have a William Price sentenced to Transportation aged 16 in 1812 from Middlesex, his sentence was 7 years so he would have been free in 1819 and the right age.
There is also a William Price sentenced to 14 years in 1830, who might be your man, but no age is given, and a further 2 sentenced to 7 years in 1833, again no age given.
One other option is the Army – there appear to be a raft of William Price’s on the various pensioners list. The lists I have access to don’t give age or current location. But there was a constant Army presence in Australia at that time and many soldiers didn’t bother to return to the UK.
There are a number of possible births in the London area too. Does his death certificate give you any clues as to parents names, I know some do?

Mar 27, 2010 11:14 AM CST
Name: Carol
Lincolnshire, UK
Your Mary Ann Maltby is in Wellow, Nottinghamshire in 1841 in the household of Charles Smith. She is listed as a servant there is no occupation mentioned. In the same dwelling house, but listed as a separate household, are Joseph Bell ,age 25 agricultural labourer and his wife Fanny age 20 both Nottinghamshire born.
I have found a marriage in 1840 for Joseph Bell and Fanny Maltby, which seems to be pretty indicative. (Remember ages are not accurate on the 1841 because of the rounding)
There is no suitable Fanny or Frances Maltby on the 1841 in Nottinghamshire, the ones there are are with their husband and children and/ or the wrong age.

Name: Fanny Maltby Year of Registration: 1840 Quarter of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec District: Newark County: Lincolnshire/ Nottinghamshire Volume: 15 Page: 1051

Fanny and Joseph do not appear on the 1851 or 1861 census, so it is possible they also emigrated. With the ‘wrong’ name you wouldn’t have found them.

Apr 19, 2011 6:51 AM CST
Name: Loretta
Hello, i think i am related to you all, i am a decendant from Mary Price, Dunkley. I thankyou for the information and interest you share in finding our family. I am afraid i have some of the information you have but nothing new to share other than my own side of the family. I am visiting Wonthaggi area very soon to see if i can find out more information.
I would be interested in your side of the family also, Jean and Gwen regards Loretta
Jun 4, 2011 5:36 PM CST
Name: Gwen
Melbourne Victoria Australia
Hello Loretta,
Gwen here, and I'm so sorry it's taken this long to reply but I haven't done much on the family lately. Blame it on the summer and not wanting to be chained too long to the computer. I take it that your Mary is William & Lettice's daughter? I follow down from her sister Sara.

I would be very happy to share whatever I have that may add to what you have so please feel free to send me a private reply if yu think I can help.
Regards Gwen

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