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Oct 27, 2010 2:44 PM CST
Name: George
Eastern Kentucky
Hello all!
My name is George Taylor. I have been trying in Vain to find any info on the Stokley name. This is what I have

My mother- One aunt says her name was Mary Ruth Elizabeth Stokley(maiden name) I was told this after she passed, but Mom always said her name was Ruth Elizabeth Stokley

Her fathers name was William Preston Stokley(press was his nick name). I know he was a teacher as was his sister and parents. He also was a postal worker back in the day. He had a brother named French, but I don't know the sister or my grandparents name. My grandmother(mothers mom she was a Banfield/Ballard from Montgomery/Menifee co. Ky.) could have cared less about such things. She just said they came up from Tenn.

I know this is very limited, but It's all I have at the moment. Maybe someone can help. My Stokley grandfather died at 42 right before my mother was born.
One thing that might help. My great uncle French moved away to Middletown, Ohio. That's where I met him.
If they think you are crazy, they won't argue with you.
Oct 28, 2010 7:22 AM CST
Name: Liz
SF Bay Area, California
Do you have an account on If not I think there may be some free sites that will let you search some census records.

I started with a quick census search for French Stokley (figured that was a more unique name that would be easier to narrow down than William), and found the family in some census records.

1930: French is living in Middletown, OH with (probably) his sister Minnie and her husband Charles Wills. I say probably sister because he's listed as a boarder rather than brother in law, but as you'll see in the 1920 census he has a sister Minnie who's the right age. William isn't with them, and a quick search didn't find him in 1930 (I suspect that he was probably married by this time, and since you likely know his wife's first name you might have more luck finding him.)

In 1920, the family was in Jeffersonville KY with head of household John age 70, son W P age 29, daughter Minnie 22, and son French 12.

I didn't find them in 1910 in a quick search, which suggests to me that their last name was probably mis-spelled, but manually going through the 1910 census in Jeffersonville would probably turn them up--they were there in 1900 & 1920 so it's not a huge leap to assume they were probably there in 1910 as well.

In 1900, I found what I think is the same family also in Jeffersonville, KY. There's a William & Minnie who are about the right ages to be your Wm & Minnie, but there are a bunch of other children as well, and the father's name is listed as James rather than John. I suspect it's the same family, maybe the father's full name was John James (it's not at all uncommon to find middle names listed instead of first names in the census)
James Stokley 48
Armina Stokley 43
Sarah E Stokley 18
Nannie B Stokley 13
William P Stokley 12
Birthie M Stokley 5
Minnie C Stokley 3
Mary Stokley 7/12

That was my 5 minute search--hopefully now that you've got a few more names it'll give you a little more to go on.
Oct 28, 2010 7:32 PM CST
Name: George
Eastern Kentucky
OMG That's them. Minnie was his sisters name and was the school teacher at the Rocky branch school in Jeffersonville, Ky. I have one pic of her with her students. I didn't know my great grandfathers name or his wife. I did know they had like 13 kids and only French and Minnie lived(My moms sister was called Minnie also, but her real name was Katherine Jane)
Thank you so much! Now I have a good starting point. My grandfathers farm and mill was on New cut road in Jeffersonville.
Thanks so much again.
You have my mind racing now.
If they think you are crazy, they won't argue with you.
Oct 29, 2010 8:55 PM CST
Name: Liz
SF Bay Area, California
Glad I could help!

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