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Feb 2, 2010 10:23 AM CST
Name: samantha watts
Moore, Zook, Roach, Yates. I have a lot of info on my mothers side of the family the Zook side of the family but am stuck on my fathers side the Moores. My great grandfather is as far as I can go. Supposely he was born in Illinois at least that is what my great uncle put on the death certicate but dont know what county he was born in. He was John A. Moore born in July 1851.


Feb 2, 2010 10:55 AM CST
Name: Janet Colvin
Z8~Beaumont~Southeast Texas
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Hi Sami,

I put your family names in the Subject Title so hopefully others will see these names and reply.

In creating books for our family 3 out of 4 of those names came up.... Moore, Zook, and Yates

Moore was my husband's mother's mother's family name. Her name was Ruby Moore and her father was William Edgar Moore and her mother was Georgia Green Johnson Moore. They originated in Tennessee. I didn't know much more about the family until recently. I ran into a fella that is doing research on the Moore family and will be happy to share his email address with you via C-mail.

Zook came into our family by way of marriage. Sarah Francis Priest (1872-1959) born in Tennessee and died in Missouri, married Jacob Wallace Zook (1872-1958) He was born in Bardwell Kentucky, but I don't show where he died. He was the son of Alexander Campbell Zook and Anna Caroline Doughty. I have a photo of Sarah and Jacob when they were quite old. There is other information available on him and I'd be happy to compile what I have to send you on a PDF.

OK and now for the Yates. My great grandmother was Lucy Florence Yates. She was the daughter of John Minor Yates and Mary Jenkins Yates. They are from Page County, Virginia and I have an entire book about her family that I put together this past summer. My cousin John Robert Yates, IV has done much more extensive research than I have and I can put you in contact with him also if you feel this is your family.

Do any of these folks sound familiar to you?

This photo is of Sarah and Jacob Zook


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Feb 2, 2010 6:44 PM CST
Name: Clarsie Jennings
Corapeake NC
Janet My great grandfather Alexander Campbell Zook was Jacob Wallace Zook brother. I found them in my Zook book written by Harry Zook. I have a picture of Alexander Campbell Zook which I will post. In the book my side of the Zooks go all the way back to Ulrich Zook in 1727. I also have pictures of the Zook graveyard in Hickman County Ky where my side of the Zooks lived. There is a farm there that was called the Zook farmbut now it is called the shady Oak Farm. I dont know why they changed the name. The graveyard is in bad shape. I appreciate the picture. Would like to have a copy of it to add to my fam pictures. I need to take a picture of my greatgrandfathers grave too. Alexander and Annie Doughty Zook are buried in Charleston Mo. I have been to their graves too. Would like to have any dmail on any of this info.

Also the fellow you was talking about the Moores would also like to have any info he might have.

I have a John Yates in my files. He was the son of Joel Yates. John was married to Laura Butler.

Appreciate any info I can find out about these names.

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Mar 9, 2010 8:09 PM CST
Name: Janet Colvin
Z8~Beaumont~Southeast Texas
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These families have been entered in our database. If you have any photos you'd like to add, you can find the families there and enter them. Once the photo is entered, we will approve it and it will be added to your family's page. You can suggest additional comments and we will add those as well. Any edits made to posts prior to this post will not be included without your letting us know. Thanks for your participation and cooperation! Good Luck finding more of your family members!

Janet & Carol


Would you please post your photo of Alexander Campbell Zook in the Zook Family. I posted a link to your post, but would love to see his photo in the family's page. Thanks!
Jul 12, 2010 7:02 PM CST
I am interested on the information that you have on the Yates Family. You left a message on my Facebook page June 20th.
Jul 12, 2010 8:14 PM CST
Name: Janet Colvin
Z8~Beaumont~Southeast Texas
Proud member of
Hi Donna,

Welcome to the Ancestry Cubit! I'm so glad you came by.

You can check my entry on the database for the Yates Family to see some of the photos and more information about my branch of the Yates.

My great grandmother Lucy Florence Yates, born in Page County, VA. I've written a book about our branches of the Yates Family and would be happy to share it with you when I return to Texas in a few weeks. I am in Lucy's old house right now in Bentonville, VA. where my grandmother was born.

I've been collaborating my research with another descendant of the same family.

The photo at the top of the main database page is of Lucy, her husband John Robert Duke and their children.

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