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Feb 18, 2010 1:02 PM CST
Name: Deb
I'm also looking for information on the Davies and Lomas families from Leek. I know that Elizabeth Lomas married a John Davies, this was in the 1830's or 40's (I think). We know that their daughter (Anne Davies) came to America, with her mother, who later married a man named Vale (Vail). Don't know what happened to John. We also know that in Leek, they lived on Mill St., but have been told that those row houses were torn down in recent years.

Feb 18, 2010 6:04 PM CST
Name: Carol
Lincolnshire, UK
Hi Deb,

I found the family on the 1841 census, which only gives county of birth not place, living in Mill St, Leek.

John Davies born 1815 Staffordshire, silk weaver
Elizabeth wife born 1815 Staffordshire
Sarah born 1836
Ann born 1840

By 1851 the whole family is missing but there is no death in Leek for John or Sarah. They could have moved elsewhere of course Davies is a very common name and there are dozens of Johns and Elizabeths of the right ages but I can't find the whole family combination.

I have a birth for Ann in Leek in the June quarter of 1840, which looks right

Davies Ann Leek Vol 17 Page 48

As the marriage must have been about 1835 and Sarah was born in 1836 that is before central registry records started in 1837 and the Leek Parish registers I don't have access to.

Hope that the bit I found is useful


Feb 19, 2010 6:31 AM CST
Name: Deb
Thank you so much Carol!!
Mar 10, 2010 11:26 AM CST
Name: Carol
Lincolnshire, UK
These families have been entered in our database. If you have any photos you'd like to add, you can find the families there and enter them. Once the photo is entered, we will approve it and it will be added to your family's page. You can suggest additional comments and we will add those as well. Any edits made to posts prior to this post will not be included without your letting us know. Thanks for your participation and cooperation! Good Luck finding more of your family members!

Janet & Carol

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