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Brugmansia Growers International We are a group spread over different areas and climates in the United States, Canada, Australia, Asia and Europe. We will be providing hints and tips for growing brugs in differing growing conditions along with many more features and information.
Arghya Gardens Liz Fichtls' site.She sells on Ebay as impower56
Country Gardens This nursery is owned by JT Session, he is also the owner of Brugmansia Cubit.
Small,quality oriented,nursery located just east of Milton, Florida and about fifteen miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico. Our primary focus is growing Brugmansia or Angel Trumpets as they are sometimes known.We are continuing to develop improved hybrids and will make them available as they are tried and found to be exceptional. Our location in zone 8 allows us a ten month growing season.
Karchesky Canna Collection Wide selection of brugmansia, we have hybridized some outstanding and unique varieties as well.
Katz Kuntry Kuttins Limited number of brugs, but some good buys.
Amaryllis/Hippeastrum cubit This cubit will be for sharing information and pictures of our wonderful Amaryllis.Ask your questions here.
Also contains links to valuable resource information.
Adeniums cubit This cubit is for the exchange of photos and information about our "fat plants".It is mainly for Adeniums but if you have other plants with interesting caudices post them too.
Also contains links to valuable resource information.

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This cubit is for the friendly discussion Brugmansia,or as they are more commonly known,Angel's Trumpets.Emphasis will be on photos and help between members.Those new to brugs post your questions here.

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