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Aug 6, 2011 8:22 AM CST
Name: Christine
Northeast Texas, Zone 7b
This has been one hot summer!

June heated up into the 90's in a hurry.

These two young deer seemed comfortable grazing ~ after a few days of them visiting, I wondered if they had lost their mothers. It was fun to watch them frolic and roam about but they didn't get the least bit startled by the sound of our dogs barking, or me standing there taking their picture for that matter.
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The birds put their usual nest up under the porch-they do this every year. By the time the eggs hatched, the afternoons were in the high 90's everyday. It's so sweet to watch the parents both come and go, feeding the chicks. I tried to keep my distance and not disturb them... and used the back door most of the time. But I still had to check on them everyday LOL!
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So, as the four of them started to grow, there was one that stood out---it was sitting up tall. And then the next thing ya know, it was knocking the other three out of the nest! Blinking Hmmm... now I've heard that sometimes this can happen ~ something about survival of the fittest! I was upset, but still I did not interfere with mother nature. For the next three days, I watched as the three little ones sat on the ground. It was mostly shaded there from the porch awning but still, I managed to sprinkle some water on them while watering. On the third day, I was relieved to see the parents were still feeding them!
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On the forth morning, I woke to find the little birdies were gone... except the one in the nest was still sitting there. Awwww - something must have gotten them I thought. Maybe an owl in the night, or a snake... must have been a snake not much else would come that close to the house!?

But then as I went to water, I spied a little birdie hopping in the garden Hurray! Oh that was such a relief! So then I looked further and saw a second one, and the third, oh and there is mama birdie on the fence! I went inside and watched from the window as the parents coaxed the baby birdies to fly away! That was something to see! Big Grin
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FAITH over fear!

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