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Mar 20, 2010 1:02 AM CST
Name: Donald Duffy-Trotter
Temecula, California
DG expatriate
I'm a huge fan of Annie's, Zuzu and I have actually been there together. One should actually witness a Zuzu sighting in a nursery at least once in a lifetime. If your looking for an endangered species, she'll find it under a bench at Bob's Nursery off Highway "Who Gives a Hoot", in "No one ever heard of this place"

Just visited a legend today. Mike Kartuz is still alive and making cuttings.

No place better for crazy Gesneriads and Begonias, many of which are his own creations. I go for the crazy Acanthacea(s) grown by this icon of California Horticulture.

best to all,
Still of questionable Sanity
Mar 22, 2010 8:28 AM CST
Name: Sherry
Crescent City, Ca.
I'm afraid to go there...too many plants that I want and I already have waaay too many. About how old would Mike be? Are we talking the original from 20-some years ago? I haven't been there since then. He was/is the type of person who upon my comments about some red crocosmias on my way out, dug some up and gave them to me. That certainly endeared him to me.
Mar 22, 2010 9:34 AM CST
Name: Sue
Sebastopol, CA.
Zone 9a
I met him when he was visiting the SF Botanical Gardens in the greenhouse where he was checking out things. Would like to see his place someday.
Mar 25, 2010 7:59 AM CST
Name: Donald Duffy-Trotter
Temecula, California
DG expatriate
hiya Sherry, Sue

Great to see you!

Yes, same Mike,same location in Vista. When I got there he was making cuttings on his tiny work table. A truly graceful human. I was giving a Columnea the "I can't live without this plant" look and he just went back into his private stash and pulled me one. One more cool gesneriad for the vertical gardens in one of the oaks. I was also able to get my sticky paws on a very rare Clerodendrum, a few Aphelandra sinclairianas and some very cool species Justicias. I have an appointment for early April to take pups from his marvelous "Blanket of Bromeliads" as he's got some Bilbergias and Neoregelias I've been hunting for. Some of the new Begonias they've got over there are just bloody insane!

Btw, Annies just came yesterday.......plants were well packed as usual, and I got Begonia luxurians! A few other cool things as Annie has apparently taken to doing some very cool species Gladiolus and I nabbed a Brunsvigia as well.
One of my favorite emails is when the "Wishlist Items available" mail is generated.

Anyway, these are just two reasons California horticulture is alive and well. I might add one from up north called Sonoma Horticultural Nursery, where Magnolia macrophylla lives. A tree I stumbled upon there while wandering with Pam and Zuzu one day. Now no trip north is complete without visiting this tree. I just wish I wouldn't burn it into ash with our dry heat down here or that tree would have been living here years ago. Another great one for those interested in rare and ethno-medicinally significant plants is Sacred Succulents in Sebastopol.

best to all,
Still of questionable Sanity

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