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Apr 10, 2010 9:49 AM CST
Name: Dove Cochrane
Valley Center, CA (San Diego)
Hi, I think know most of you - some maybe not. It's me Dove (aka Dovey)
Bred, born & raised in Southern California, I have been banished to Ohio for the past three years... I committed no sin save love to warrant this banishment. Since moving here I have been frozen 3 times (they call it winter).

Dang I miss California! I will always be a Californian no matter where I dwell.
I miss the entire West Coast, I miss the stupid drivers who don't know how to operate a vehicle in the rain, I miss the way they talk, the way they dress and I miss their egocentric logic.

Dude, I miss they way they use the word "dude" to refer to everything... men, women, emotions and questions .
I miss being able to have an orange tree in my back garden, You can not grow an orange here, no lemons and no limes, zero zip on the citrus.
I miss fruits and vegetables that don't have to travel across country and then display their wilty greenness in my produce section at the Giant Eagle grocery store. At twice the price, twice I tell you, for wilty lettuce, dry carrots and soft onions.

I fear if I say in Ohio much longer it will suck every last ounce of California Cool there may be left in me. I'm 56 I don't have much cool to spare, seriously a lot got used up when I was 19. Then there was a decade when I was 40 and I was extraordinarily cool. There is not much reserved for a time such as this
I'm probably at least one season behind when it comes to bohemian style...

Save me or soon there will be nothing left of me but a huge mound of L.L. Bean sweaters and smart wool socks.

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