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Feb 26, 2011 11:50 AM CST
Name: Critter #2
Pittsburgh, zone 5
You can call me Critter number 2.
Hi Skiekitty.

I'm new and while I was poking around for cubits to join, I came across your post on the thread about the baby bunnies. I thought maybe we could talk about cohabitating different species.

I had a very special cat for 17 years. She changed my life. She passed a couple of years ago. I knew I would have cats again. But I decided that before I got more cats I would have all the pets it wouldn't be safe to have when I did have cats. I started with house rabbits and was about to move on to an aquarium, a rat and small birds, maybe a snake or iguana.

Meanwhile, the Universe had other plans.

I was working in my front yard one day in October. There was a young boy (Sethan) walking down my street with a cat on a "leash" made from a shoestring.
I asked whose cat it was: "Nobody's".
I asked where they were going: "I'm taking her on a walk to the park".
After about an hour of talking to the kid, I convinced him it was SOMEbody's cat because it was so gentle.

The kids in the neighborhood had been passing the cat around for several days trying to find a kid whose parents would let them keep it. But all the parents had said “no”, and none of the parents had done the right thing and tried to find the cat’s own human. It was obviously a grownup who had tied the string on as a halter.

After a little more time I got the kid to let me keep the cat overnight and look for its human. Halloween season is NO time for a black cat to be wandering the streets! Ultimately, Sethan was more concerned about the cat’s well being than about having it to play with. And that makes Sethan a pretty good kid in my book!

It was a very young cat and obviously very well socialized. It was not a her though, as the boy thought. It’s a him. And an unfixed him at that.

So I went down to the Humane Society and had him scanned (no chip), aged (older than I thought – “No, he’s grown, he’s just a little guy”), and photographed for the found kitty report. I also posted him at, on Craig’s List, and put up posters.

While at the Humane Society, I got the paperwork to apply for low cost vetting. I got a full health check, neuter, chip and vaccinations for

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