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Feb 26, 2011 11:54 AM CST
Name: Critter #2
Pittsburgh, zone 5
You can call me Critter number 2.
OMG I got truncated......

The first night, he slept well in my basement (to keep him separate from the unsuspecting buns) and had a good long face rub that night. He was really thirsty and somewhat hungry. He knew all about the litter box. He nearly fell asleep in my lap until I had to shift position and he took the opportunity to do another patrol around the basement and I took the opportunity to go upstairs and eat dinner.

Overnight, he was quiet in my basement until I came into the kitchen in the morning. Then he cried some but not a lot. When I went down there, we had another petting fest.
I was a little concerned about giving him back to the people who let him out, didn't advertise to find him, and hadn't had him fixed. I didn't even post the sex or anything about the cat, other than that it's black. Wanted to make them tell me.

After 3 weeks, I'd gotten 4 phone calls but none were the right cat. So, although I certainly know shelters I could take him to, I saw it as a sign that he was meant for me. Been missin having a kitty to sleep with! So I decided to keep him!

But I'm still jonesing for the sound of birds in the house. I'd decided to stick to birds who won't out live me. Parakeets and finches.

I wonder if you could share some advice about safe and sane critter mixing. As it is now, the kitty gets closed in the bedroom when the rabbits come out to play. Adding birds makes me nervous.

Also, I'm about to build a new rabbit pen this summer and in my head it has a large horizontal bird cage on top of it. I plan to use one or two of those closet organizing shelves I can get at Home Depot as the front of the cage, which will be built into a "nook". Think that type of shelf will be safe for parakeets? I planned for horizontal because I read that they prefer to fly horizontally. Which is weird because there are no horizontal flight cages ANYwhere....

What do you think?


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