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Mar 1, 2011 11:28 AM CST
Name: Toni
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Too many cats!!
If you're wanting a cage like that, has cages that would fit that bill. I have a number of these type of cages and they're right up your alley with being 3' tall & 6' wide. Or, you can always make your own cages, but I have problems making a cheese sandwich without screwing it up, so I won't go that route. LOL!

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Parakeets are filthy birds. I love 'em.. at one time I had over 30 birds in a massive 4'x4'x2' plexi cage. But it got too much with the daily cleaning.
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The smaller birds you will have to be a bit more careful with. They're basically feathered toys for cats. I love zebra finches (call them "Eep Eeps" from their song) but my cats love them too much too. :( So I don't have any finches. I keep canaries and the one tiel as above (Tiki's too rotten to be bothered by the cats.. she can easily keep the cats at bay if she has to, and has!).

As far as the double decker for your buns, I haven't had much experience with buns. I had bunnies when I was a child for 1 summer.. then I helped my father slaughter them & we ate them for dinner one night (I was 5 or 6). To me, bunnies are adorable dinner-in-the-making. :) Not to mention I just love bunny fur. But I do know that they're more of a burrower than a climber, so I don't know how they'd handle a double decker as they're more inclined to go down than up. The shelf unit - I personally would be worried as I know that the wires are about 1" apart, definitely far apart for a bunny leg to fall through & break, or for a birdie to fly through, not to mention DEFINITELY big enough for a cat paw to sneak through & grab something should the cat be not bun-friendly.

Does any of this make any sense?
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