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Mar 7, 2011 3:30 PM CST
Name: Toni
Denver Metro, Zone 5
Too many cats!!
LOL. It is 100% true: having a cat is NO excuse to not have a bird, or two, or a flock! Much like I despise people who give up their pets because "we have a new baby", all critters can be taught (to a degree) of self-control. One of my dogs, Waffles, would be a bird killer if she got the chance, but I've never given her the opportunity! It's a person's responsibility to make sure that everyone and everything exists in a co habitable way!

As far as finchies, societies really don't have dimorphic coloration. Males & females all pretty much look the same. Zebras do have dimorphic characteristics. BUT! We're talking about birds and, while the person at the petstore was correct on having a buddy in even numbers (never odd), do not try to do just males as they have a definite hierarchy and the "lesser" bird will be picked on constantly. If you're interested in a shoulder bird, I would recommend then a lovebird (singleton). They are smart, beautiful, and can definitely take care of themselves with a cat if necessary. A 'tiel would be a good possibility as well. Parakeets will more readily bond to each other than allow a human to interfere with their lives and, if you have 2/4 parakeets, they will lose their handtameness VERY quickly and become little biters. And they can & do draw blood. Plus the EXTREMELY RARE!!! (like 1 in a billion shot) of developing psittacosis (chlamydia) from them.

Just an FYI. :)
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