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» Is cryptozoology a science?
» What is cryptozoology?

Is cryptozoology a science?
The short answer is no. A number of scientists have had/do have, an interest in cryptozoology. And scientific equipment is now routinely used in cryptozoological expeditions/investigations. However, it differs from true science in a number of important ways and there is no universal cryptozoological authority which regulates the practice or research of cryptozoology. For example, there are no scientific journals devoted to cryptozoology as it is as much about speculation as hard facts. Many see that as its downfall. However, though it certainly is a disadvantage, speculation is also rife amongst true science.

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What is cryptozoology?
Cryptozoology is derived from the Greek kryptos ('hidden'), zoon (animal) and logos ('discourse'), and literally means the study of hidden animals, or species (or subspecies) which science does not currently recognize as valid.

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Cryptozoology is the study of animals which science does not currently recognize as anything more than speculation or rumour.

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