Dahlia Photos: the sublime to the blurry forum: Tod's 2014 dahlias

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Jan 10, 2015 2:11 AM CST
Name: Tod Gordon
West Caldwell, NJ
I want to dump a whole passel o' pictures here!

First one is the beds all tilled and ready, with the Hilltop cuttings in pots. Then Brandy Bay, Almand Joy, Big Checkers, Hilltop Emily, Camano Bram, something billed as Grand Prix but more like Seattle, not sure, Ms Prissy, Kidd's Climax, Pennsgift, Almand Joy, two of Kelvin Floodlight, Pennhill Watermelon.

Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/ee4bc4 Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/2d5ed0 Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/b94607
Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/40289b Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/f7668c Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/cb44c3
Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/f8a6b2 Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/187f8e Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/a101fd
Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/4f812a Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/188b3e Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/77880e
Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/53c4ca Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/c88202 Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/1fb396
Jan 10, 2015 2:46 AM CST
Name: Tod Gordon
West Caldwell, NJ
AC Ring of Fire, Miss Delilah, Papageno, AC Aquarius, Clearview Snowcap (I think), Pennsgift, not sure, a group shot, not sure, Zorro, Lulu Island Art, group shot, not sure, might be AC G & L, a group shot with AC Kahuna.

Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/8096e8 Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/c5e9d1 Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/8779ab
Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/faa1f4 Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/853573 Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/56bbf9
Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/948731 Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/98f57d Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/f81830
Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/0c7a6d Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/19496c Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/a6e25b
Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/125713 Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/13993c Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/e3ba21
Jan 10, 2015 3:01 AM CST
Name: Tod Gordon
West Caldwell, NJ
First was supposed to be Santa Claus, but it is Red Empire. Then Belle of Barmera, unknown, and two of Clearview Daniel, Hollyhill Black Beauty, two of Hollyhill Icarus, might be Bonaventure, unknown, G&M-T&T, Camano Bram, 3 unknowns.

Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/45da6f Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/e83759 Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/4d6869
Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/0f116f Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/dffbb0 Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/1343f0
Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/2b974a Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/eacfda Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/a8088d
Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/68be3b Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/cce791 Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/57e6e9
Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/b68942 Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/4089df Thumb of 2015-01-10/todgor/71139a
Jan 10, 2015 12:11 PM CST
Name: Jane
Southern California Zone 9/10
Tod, thank you so much for the eye candy. What I would give to have that much planting space. Smiling I had seen your video a while back and had a few questions. How closely do you plant? Do you pinch out to encourage branching? Your plants look so healthy.
"In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends"-Kazuko Okakura
Jan 10, 2015 5:26 PM CST
Name: Tod Gordon
West Caldwell, NJ
I plant 20" apart. I would like them to be farther apart, but it allowed more plants. I top them and take off the side buds. I hate to sound like a commercial, but I used Spray n Grow Perfect Blend kit foliar feed on them most every week, it really helped a lot.
Jan 10, 2015 5:28 PM CST
Southern PA, Brandywine
Tod, what is this "G&M-T&T"...I lurrrrve it!

Also love Clearview Daniel, Zorro and the Camano Bram.

Fantastic pictures!! How many beds do you plant?
Jan 10, 2015 7:08 PM CST
Name: Jon George
Gainesville, FL
...crazy enough to grow dahlias in
Drool-worthy photos!! Thanks for sharing, Todd! Smiling
"What is a weed?" asked Peppa Pig. "A weed is a cheeky plant growing in the wrong place!" replied Grandpa Pig.
Jan 10, 2015 7:10 PM CST
Name: Tod Gordon
West Caldwell, NJ
G&M-T&T was one I got from Verrone's, its a very nice pink ball form. I have 4 dahlia beds, 20x40, 16x32, 8x18, and 8x14.
Jan 10, 2015 7:56 PM CST
Name: Em
I envy you your space, Tod! And your photos are super - just what I need at this dreary time of year!
Em in NY
Dahlias -- the gift that keeps on giving!
Jan 10, 2015 10:52 PM CST
Name: Tod Gordon
West Caldwell, NJ
Unknown, Kelvin White, La Luna, Taum Sauk, Andriana with Belle of Barmera, Andriana, Belle of Barmera, two unknowns, Fleurel, Kenora Sunset, Kelvin Floodlight, Lulu Island Art, AC Kahuna, unknown, Belle of Barmera.

Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/ffed1b Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/3564ab Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/6bc717
Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/325029 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/b97e8d Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/b7468c
Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/cbb120 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/004691 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/875d9a
Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/496200 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/ef74b3 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/cb92c8
Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/4dd96b Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/dd4632 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/1e8cd3
Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/239afb

Jan 10, 2015 10:58 PM CST
Name: Tod Gordon
West Caldwell, NJ
Hart's Blood Red (I think), Papageno, group shot, Penhill Yellow Queen, AC Aquarius, Hollyhill Icarus, Hollyhill Black Beauty, Clearview David, two group shots, two of more of Clearview David, group shot, not sure, Purple Taiheiyo.

Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/316571 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/d8949c Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/149330
Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/e69974 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/ec1538 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/d344d1
Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/61c0bc Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/91bbc9 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/158c0b
Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/8aff62 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/8e987c Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/823875
Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/0639f7 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/d83354 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/d7a56a
Jan 10, 2015 11:07 PM CST
Name: Tod Gordon
West Caldwell, NJ
AC G & L, AC Kuntz, Fidalgo Snowman, maybe Vanquisher, Eva Luna, Purple Taiheiyo, maybe Spartacus, Alpen Pauline, Survivor, two of Lulu Island Art, not sure, White Perfection, maybe Penhill Yellow Queen, Clearview David (yet again :)

Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/165baa Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/6257c5 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/74bab5
Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/b91afb Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/e2b1ce Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/16a905
Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/dab23f Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/7dd81b Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/b16c29
Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/407df7 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/ac0ffc Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/460ee1
Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/a638b9 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/2a5086 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/2f921c
Jan 10, 2015 11:26 PM CST
Name: Tod Gordon
West Caldwell, NJ
2 not sures, Sans Souci, Pennsgift, Ryecroft Club, two of Spartacus, Sellwood Glory, not sure, La Luna, might be CBGB, Alpen Pauline, not sure, Taum Sauk, Purple Taiheiyo.

Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/be604c Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/cbf7b1 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/af0db6
Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/cb38bd Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/0e1a89 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/65c1d0
Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/e5bcf8 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/eaa52f Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/b77eb6
Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/d232af Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/300752 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/f1a729
Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/9f6e21 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/d0a6ef Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/c14881
Jan 10, 2015 11:40 PM CST
Name: Tod Gordon
West Caldwell, NJ
Zorro, two of a misnamed variety that resembles Shockwave, Morgenster, two group shots, could be Zorro or Ebony Witch, probably White Perfection, two of Color Magic, not sure, two of Danum Rhoda, not sure, Trooper Dan, Almand Joy

Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/dc411b Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/408de2 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/9da27d
Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/b867bc Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/e89b90 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/29e30a
Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/dd4992 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/8e4879 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/adf8e4
Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/9f85a7 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/f301d2 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/8fe0b8
Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/7715f2 Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/72e1ef Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/83ff4d
Thumb of 2015-01-11/todgor/c72447
Jan 11, 2015 8:04 AM CST
Southern PA, Brandywine
Oh Tod your pictures are fantastic..!

How do you like Zorro? I was contemplating putting it into my cart last nite at Connell's. Is it more of a blood red or a bright red? Does it produce a lot of stems?

Also love your pictures of Clearview David, I bought that at CG and happy to see your pictures support the pics that CG had up as well--beautiful.

and LOVE all your big whites!!! I had Fleurel or something like it last year but probably lost it with storage so will be replacing it this year.
Jan 11, 2015 8:18 AM CST
Name: Geof
Keep em coming Tod!, such a nice way to start a morning . Hurray!
Jan 11, 2015 8:54 AM CST
Name: Ted
We enjoy breeding new dahlias!
Zorro was originated by Jack Adams and Madeleine Giesert who had but one seed from a giant dahlia. It is notorious for making one flush of giant flowers that are as good as any. I won best giant in show with it years ago and have seen many nice show flowers over the years. However, after that one flush of nice flowers it goes into a steep decline in size and by the third flush the flowers are B sized. Not a candidate for cut flowers in my opinion. It too has sported to a bicolor of red and white and as with most, if not all bicolor sports, it reverted back to solid. It is a seed parent as it makes an occasional seed. One of the notable seedlings was Spartacus. Another is a flower call Zelda, an extremely nice A sized flower that is hard to find but worth growing.
We like to place a sign on our porch that says: We are in the garden. Really, we are always in the garden.
Jan 11, 2015 10:07 AM CST
Name: CC
Hmph, I thought Sparticus was the one seed from Zorro... Getting my dahlia lore mixed up in my head.
Jan 11, 2015 10:32 AM CST
St. Paul, MN
I think Edna c was the one seed from Spartacus. I may be mixed up too.
Jan 11, 2015 10:56 AM CST
Southern PA, Brandywine
Interesting... definitely a storied history there on Zorro! Maybe I'll try it in 2016.

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