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Image How do I deal with these furry critters?
By Lance Gardner on April 14, 2010

Dogs are domesticated wolves, and as such follow basic wolf instincts, regardless of size and type of dog. Dogs identify with a “pack” and need an established leader to follow. It is necessary to establish and maintain the identity of the people around the dog as their leader. If the people around the dog are not in charge, then the dog will be. This can rapidly become a dangerous situation, depending upon the individual dog.

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Image Dog training and food – Good combination or recipe for disaster?
By Lance Gardner on April 28, 2010

Over the years (more than I care to realize), I have trained and helped to train many dogs. And the only time I can ever remember using food is once when I was in high school, and I trained the neighbor’s dog (that often visited on its own) to sit instead of push for attention.

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Dogs - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

We hope to be able to help everyone know and understand their pet dogs better. This cubit will include dog training of all sorts. Dog experts and amateurs will hopefully interact here in order to gain more and better knowledge about "Man's Best Friends"

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