Article: Dog training and food – Good combination or recipe for disaster?: So many different ways :)

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Image Dog training and food – Good combination or recipe for disaster?
By Lance Gardner on April 28, 2010

Over the years (more than I care to realize), I have trained and helped to train many dogs. And the only time I can ever remember using food is once when I was in high school, and I trained the neighbor’s dog (that often visited on its own) to sit instead of push for attention.

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Apr 28, 2010 5:46 PM CST
Name: Dea O'Hopp
Frederick, MD
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We do food treats more as a way of initial focus rather than the do this thing. People laugh at me when I tell them that I spit treats. Yes, I do! I will never give a food treat from my hand - it's almost always from my mouth as I want the younger dogs to focus on my eyes.

However, as they grow and learn, they know they get their food from us, so then "work" becomes their treat :) Does that make sense? Our dogs will do anything for us just to be able to "work" - that is their pleasure, but only because they know their basic needs are met from us.

Here's a couple vids of us having so much fun with our dogs :) Scout is our girlie, Cap is my big boy. We do love our dogs !!

Apr 29, 2010 7:47 AM CST
Name: Lance Gardner
coastal plain Virginia
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Thank you for reading and taking the time to write. Interesting videos. Agility is certainly a good way to teach a dog both confidence in its own abilities and the people around them.
An unemployed dog is certainly a lot more difficult to manage, so it always a good idea to give teach them tasks or jobs. I am working on having my own 2 chase bunnies and squirrels from the yard and gardens, so I can have my own produce. And the darker one is a retrieving maniac.
The idea of spitting treats sounds interesting and a good way to get them to focus on the you, as well.
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