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Jan 1, 2011 7:46 PM CST
Name: Ann
North Central Fl
I'm so careful about knowing what's in my dog's food & treats. And I THOUGHT I was the same when choosing a toothpaste for my dog so I chose a "natural baking soda" paste. Then today, I thought...."What's in this stuff again?" So I read the ingredients list & something stuck out like a sore thumb when I read it: Propylene Glycol.
Check it out:

I think from now on I'll brush her teeth "the old fashioned way" with PURE baking soda that I buy. Moisten the brush, stick it in the baking soda & brush her teeth.

Kicking myself so hard!
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Jan 3, 2011 11:35 AM CST
Name: Lance Gardner
coastal plain Virginia
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It is truly amazing the number of ways and places unwelcome ingredients can be added in. I read all labels for anything that I or those in my charge consume, and anything that we come in contact with that has the information available. I avoid 'room deodorizers' because some of them use nerve deadeners - can't smell bad stuff if you can't smell at all. Flouride in toothpaste is another one that has a mixed review - most dentists adore the stuff, but many more natural oriented people have found out that much of it comes from chemical production by-products, and it is poisonous even in very small amounts, with known nerve toxin effects. A little bit of the stuff can go a long way, so I am very cautious of fluoride supplements. Certainly not something to use on a dog, or child that swallows instead of rinses out the mouth.
Thanks for the information. If it is any consolation, the amount in brushing a dog's teeth will not likely cause harm, as it is so little, but I am glad you found it and switched.
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Jan 3, 2011 4:37 PM CST
Name: Ann
North Central Fl
Yes, and I looked on my own toothpaste & see the same ingredient in it but there's one huge difference as you said Lance. That is that a dog doesn't rinse & spit but people do -- at least adults. What really freaked me out was that I had just in the last 3 months begun to brush Pearl's teeth everyday instead of twice a week. I used to scale her teeth myself but have had some spinal disc problems & scaling her teeth is now almost impossible because of the prolonged body position I need to be in to do it & that's why I began brushing everyday. I am not a fan of taking a dog to the vet for teeth cleaning because of the necessity of them putting her "under" to do it.
An interesting side note is that my DH hates mint flavor & so uses children's toothpaste --- bubblegum flavor --- I looked at the ingredients on that & there are none of the "bad" things found in adult toothpaste. I may have to get used to bubblegum flavor toothpaste.
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