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Dec 18, 2010 11:50 AM CST
Name: Sheryl
Middle Tennessee, 6b
*sigh* I have a problem. Well.... kinda. Anywho-

The story goes like this. I live in rural Tennessee and get a number of dogs dropped off near my house. I dutifully get their shots and spay/neuter them, some stay, some go. I started out here with 4 of my own dogs - two of those dogs are still around, the others left us in their old age. Right now there is 6 dogs here.

One of the dogs we still have is Molly. She's 3/4 German Shepherd, 1/4 Lab. She's about 100 # and is definitely in charge. She lives outside and in our basement, although she does come inside occasionally. Thankfully, she did have some obedience training as a pup, so she listens to me about 88% of the time.

One of the strays we got (long story) is supposed to be 1/2 Chihuahua, 1/2 Aussie Shep, named Katy. She's a very bright dog, maybe 35#. She rules the inside of the house and is my mom's dog.

Over time, Molly and Katy have collided a few times. Katy refuses to submit to Molly and has had a few stitches to prove it - which might well have been my fault for trying to separate them, I'm not sure. Finally, after one of the fights, Katy decided Molly was something to be afraid of. Very afraid of - to the point where when she went outside, she'd quickly leave the area, do her thing and sneak back into the house. Unfortunately, she tends to run, which gets Molly and another one of the dogs chasing her. They caught her last week and it was ugly.

Now I am having a very tough time with getting Katy to go out at all, no matter if I restrain every animal on the place. I tried to pick her up once and she peed all over me (that's when she knew I wanted her to go outside). About an hour ago, I tried calling her, not even touching her - she peed where she was (on the couch, groan,) came to me, sat down and peed all over the floor.

She's obviously flat terrified. I feel horrible about it, but am not certain that there's anything I can do. I don't know if taking her to another home would be the answer or if Katy will have to be put down. I hate the idea, she's a super dog, but this can't go on.....

Any and all advice or anecdotes are so welcome. I'm kinda at the end of the rope here.

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