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Dec 22, 2010 9:40 AM CST
Name: Lynn
Dallas, OR zone 8

With the fights that have taken place with you in the midst, is probably why Katy is behaving in a submissive way. She is probably reading it as you participating in the attack, instead of being her protector. When you have one dog that is obviously not seeing you as in control, and it is aggressive, you should not be putting them out for exercise or potty breaks at the same time. It is up to you to keep them all safe.
I agree with Lance, this will be a long process.

Step 1: Confine Molly when you get ready to take Katy outdoors. It would be best to have all the other dogs confined at this time. Let Katy be the only one out there.
Do not make eye contact with her, just open the door and tell her come on Katy, lets go outside. Sound positive and nonchalant, don't hesitate but walk directly out. Hopefully she will follow you. You have to remember she is trying very hard to be submissive to you, so you can't do anything that will intimidate her. Let her initiate contact with you. Pretty much ignore her. Keep treats in your pocket, when she comes up to you, quietly give her a treat without acknowledging her or looking at her. You need to gain her trust back. When she no longer feels you are to be feared she will quit the submissive piddling.
Without actually being there and observing the dynamics of the group of dogs it is impossible to say just which dog started the situation. Sometimes it isn't the one you though was the problem.

I also agree with Lance that you need to seek help in getting the aggressive dog under control. That is something that can't really be done long distance as it takes some one observing the behavior of the dog to really know what is triggering it. Many times it is the owner/handler sending the wrong signals.
Look for a reputable obedience class in your area. Here is a link that can get you started on a search.

Sometimes it takes some one watching you with your dog to find a way to fix things.
Hope this has been of some help.

I see you have already started on a good path in solving your problem. Group hug

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