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Mar 12, 2011 8:10 PM CST
Name: Linda
Carmel, IN
We've adopted all of our dogs, through different means.

We work with a local basset hound rescue group. We fostered many bassets before finally adopting what was to be our last foster. We'd decided to stop fostering because our golden retriever was beginning to grieve too badly every time a foster left. Our last foster was considered pretty much unadoptable (behavior and health issues). He was a difficult dog, but we made it work.

Our two goldens were both adoptions from families needing to give them up. Our girl, Greta, came from a "backyard breeder" who learned she had mild hip displaysia and couldn't breed her. He kept her as a pet for a while before deciding he really needing a breeding dog. Greta was 4 1/2 years old when she came to live with us, and had never set foot inside a house til the day we brought her home. It took a while, but she came to enjoy the comforts of a house, but retained all of her outdoor dog "sense". She could track birds, chipmunks, etc with the best of them. Greta lived to be 16 1/2 years old, and we were thankful for every day with her.

Our second golden, Whisper, came to live with us at age 2 1/2. He was owned by a family that had several show dogs. Unfortunately, they learned Whisper had juvenile cataracts, so he could not be bred. Since he had to be neutered, he could not be shown, so they chose to give him up. They interviewed many families that were interested in him, and we were fortunate enough he came to live with us. He was actually a rather shy and fearful dog at first. We did LOTS of obedience training which really helped his confidence. He even became a certified therapy dog! Whisper was taken by an aggressive cancer at age 11. I still miss him, but am so thankful he was in my life. We lost Greta and Whisper within 6 months of each other, and we were heartbroken.

We now are the proud owners of Jake. He was being rehomed by a newly-married couple. Jake (husband's dog) and cats (wife's pets) did just not do well together. Since husband had moved into wife's home, he decided it was probably best to let Jake move to a new home. We are so happy we were chosen to be Jake's new family. He is an awesome dog (age 4 1/2 when we adopted him in August of 2010). We found him almost by accident--stumbled upon an ad in our local paper (which I hardly ever read). He is a perfect combination of both Greta and Whisper, both in looks and personality.

Although adopted dogs sometimes come with some baggage, they also can bring so much love, gratitude, and teach us so much. In my opinion, seniors are just the sweetest of all.

Sorry for the length of this post. This thread just kind of triggered a lot of memories.

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