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Jun 28, 2012 10:12 AM CST
Name: Steve
Prescott, AZ
I think that tax credits for energy efficiency and renewable energy investments, though they distort the market slightly, are much better way of encouraging prudent and balanced investment in precisely the most suitable and economically efficient energy technologies. Loan guarantees could be good, too, when the technology is sound and the business model is promising. I've heard only sketchy info on Solyndra's technology, but there is nothing about it that really made sense to me. I support shrewd investment in renewable energy business that work stateside, provided that there is solid reason to believe they can be competitive internationally. Sadly, it does not seem like this was anything like the case for Solyndra.

--- Caution: off-topic political stuff follows ---
I agree that $535 million is a lot to waste. But I wish that there were a proportionally wide and deep objection to the $trillions spent on Iraq, Afghanistan, and bank bailouts. The bailouts, I believe, were probably necessary. But why don't we have either Glass-Steagall or the Volker rule to reign in banking abuses? JP Morgan's recent $2 billion loss has now ballooned to $9 billion. Why can we not agree that the government ought not to indemnify banks against their own gambling losses? Even bigger is the question of what was accomplished in Iraq and Afghanistan for two or three trillion dollars. It's a slight exaggeration in light of a recent election that placed one or more women in the Afghan legislature, but I keep worrying that the only change that seems to have stuck is that the $50 billion/year heroin trade that the Taliban shut down in 2000 was revived with their overthrow and is now bigger than ever. Meanwhile, in Iraq, people are beginning to worry about whether Maliki is positioning himself to be the new Saddam. I'm sure it doesn't apply here, but one of the things that makes me crazy is an American tendency to obsess over stuff that is relatively minor while completely ignoring problems two thousand times bigger. Sorry: I know this is all off-topic and it's a little political. I yield the soap box.

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