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Jun 29, 2012 3:31 PM CST
Name: Susie
Phoenix AZ
Steve, you are so articulate and obviously do your research. It's enjoyable to read your "stuff".

I have to say/admit... that I worked for the chairman of the board of eight NASDAQ companies and worked in venture capital for 10 years in S.F. I know the process, thoughts, short and long term strategies. The huge gov't investment in Solyndra was way off base according to the projects I was working on during those years. Confirms that whoever "wrote the check" really did a stupid thing with our money. Usually a start up is very frugal, thoughtful, modest and doesn't spend all the money in one shot. Very disappointing. Gov't has no business making investment just like that and for that large amt. of money or even for the reasons they made the investments. "to compete with the Chinese in solar industry". No. That's just the wrong reason and apparently the wrong company.

Also, while I have pretty strong opinions about what I see, read, hear as regards world markets in oil (for example), politics in other countries (even our own), special interests, human beings and leadership involved, what part the quest for control of natural resources, power plays, what the culture and history of "truth" is in any given scenario... I will never know the truth and cannot really have an opinion. I believe the "hidden agenda" is huge and complex. I listen some out state department current and former leaders speak, I can understand what they're saying and wonder even more about what they are not saying. They know so much and have studied it all. I admire their commitment.

You said, "Why can we not agree that the government ought not to indemnify banks against their own gambling losses?" I totally agree with you and it appears that more and more in the financial world heard on CNBC for instance, agree too. Taking risk is their business. If investors do their due diligence they will know the pitfalls loud and clear. Anyone who reads an IPO prospectus, for instance, would never invest in the IPO. Trading for profit is a huge business, risky and can have dire, disastrous results. There is always that warning on the label.

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." --Albert Einstein

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