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Jul 14, 2012 10:22 AM CST
Name: Susan
Torrington, Alberta, Canada
World Famous Gopher Hole Museum
Hi - I know we all have different bodies, and different things work for us - whether it's circuit training, Boot Camps, walking, climbing stairs, Personal Trainer, etc.
In this forum, let's discuss what we use, what we've used and find doesn't work........... etc. Whistling

Personally - I need to lose weight BEFORE I go back to the gym. I've gone in as someone using the gym 3x week and got really good at it and losing weight. Then I got a "lost my job" stress and gained again. I went back to the gym when I was heavy and got LOOKS because they'd seen me slimmer. 'fraid I can't handle the LOOKS Rolling my eyes. so now that I'm on track, I want to lose about 20 lbs more..... THEN I'll go back to the gym. Thumbs up
That, and want to feel like this job I'm in will become perm..... Right now I've been there 2 weeks and it's meant to be a "temp to perm" position as per the agency that sent me, and "could be extremely temp" as per the company I'm working at.
btw - this company has a fitness center that's one floor down from me, and I signed up to have access. Access granted yesterday, so now I have to bring my exercise wear. It's open to me 24/7!!!
Regular bikes, recumbent bikes, ellipticals, medicine balls, etc. I can't use the ellipticals cuz they make me dizzy.......... Sticking tongue out

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