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Jun 15, 2010 5:55 PM CST
Name: Hetty
Sunny Naples, Florida
We are not old enough to qualify for medicare, and being self-employed means we provide our own medical insurance. They have just upped the rates again and it's becoming a hardship to pay the premiums. Does anyone have any great suggestions?
Jun 16, 2010 8:02 PM CST
Name: Jamie R
Zone 5, WI
save the rainforest & habitat
Hi Hetty: I have the same issue. I have an HSA high deductable account. The premiums are not too bad but there are maladies that I know I have and I just treat myself. While I did go for annual exams during employment that helped with insurance, I haven't been to a doctor for 6 years. It is not because I shouldn't go or that I would have difficulty with the copay; it is because whatever gets on record causes rates to escalate drastically. The current self regulating system sucks! Even Drs. don't like it. No suggestions I guess. Even if some form of social healthcare were to become available, it would likely end up being at the expense of medicare benefits for the boom generation. The nation could see the boomers coming for a long time but the last two regimes really liked to bury their heads in killing and reaping profits from their actions. Whoops! I may've said too much *Blush*
Woman on the eastbound train
...........................................Je Suis Désolé.
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Dec 30, 2010 12:05 PM CST
I am 58 and had medical insurance, same company for years. The cost kept climbing and my deductable was up to 3K, but I had dr copays of $30 an prescription coverage. The insurance discontinued the local hospital, I think it was because we have too many old people and they did not want to cover them, but whatever, I had to find a new company. I get migraine headaches and take expensive injections, the generic per shot is $145. I paid $30 for each. Once they found this out, it was preexisting and it was very difficult to get any coverage. I had to have something as I own property and if I got a major heatlh problem, I would end up homeless. So finally my agent found one, its $500 per month, $3.500 deductable, no dr co pays and no prescription coverage. So basically I pay $6K per year and unless I have more than $3500 in out of pocket payments, I really only have coverage for major medical and that covers at 80% after deductable. It sucks.

Many problems contribute to this. I do understand them not wanting to lose money on me as my meds could cost more than the premium, one of the problems is the meds should NOT cost that much, which leads to the drug companies and the insurance companies owning the politicians who are selling out the american people. Personally I do not see how they are going to fix this problem as we seem to have such a dishonest system with everyone trying to make money, both parties, I am not seeing one being any better than the other when it comes to selling out the american people.

I used to think my government was the greatest, now I am disgusted.
Dec 30, 2010 12:46 PM CST
Name: Jamie R
Zone 5, WI
save the rainforest & habitat
I think it is a bit late to expect the government to be able to turn the tide on big business that is invested in both sides of the current equation...between the drug companies and the insurance lords, there is no chance. Don't blame the government, it is not a separate entity from the people who elect and participate in it. There's a long hard haul ahead if we are ever able to treat the baby boom population with reasonably good healthcare now. No one is alone in this, but we are all at risk of losing hard earned assets and/or our physical well-being if we continue to support and elect moneychangers.
Woman on the eastbound train
...........................................Je Suis Désolé.
(also a mule lovin', Charley huggin' girl)

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