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Mar 31, 2010 3:04 PM CST
Name: AnjL/Annmarie
CA Sierra Mts
I have had an on-going battle with cigarettes for the past 15 yrs. I quit on New Years 15 yrs ago, cold turkey. didnt smoke for 2 yrs. Then was at the movies with my sis and she smoked and i asked for one....grrr...back to buying a pack the next day. immediately back to a pack a day habit. Then I began all of the other 'tricks' I did the patch, it made me sick, I tried Wellbutrin, it made me want to see blood...someones, anyones! That stuff is scary!! LOL! I tried the straws, nope....air wasnt the same! LOL! Then I tried the gum, I quit for 4 years on the gum...but I started on the 2 mg, moved UP to the 4 mg, and then during a stressful time I was chewing the 4 mg gum AND smoking, so I quit the gum and just smoked instead. then they came out with the lozenges, another addiction! I have taken the classes, went to the groups... it really became a battle! I quit quitting about 3 years ago. I gave up and thought I would just smoke for the rest of my life. Grumbling

My sisters started using Chantix and mentioned it to me, my first reaction was 'ya right!' I went for my physical last Nov and my Dr started in on me again about quitting, so I asked about the Chantix. He wrote me a prescription. I tried to put off quitting until after the holidays knowing that I would fail because of the holiday stresses etc. I just couldnt put it off I really really hated smoking. So just before christmas I started taking the prescription, and I kept on smoking...until 12/27/09. on that day, I forgot to smoke. And the next day I forgot to smoke. I havent thought about smoking since !! Hurray! Hurray! It has been the absolute easiest ever Thumbs up

Now, DH smokes 2 packs a day still Grumbling he has an appointment next week with his Dr for the prescription, so I am keeping my fingers crossed! I am saving $240 a mo. on cigs or $2880 a year. once he quits...well we will be saving enough to pay my car payment and auto insurance each mo!! Hurray! Hurray!
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