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Feb 1, 2010 10:20 PM CST
Name: Janet Colvin
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I am a smoker. I know I need to quit. That being said, as long as I continue to smoke I will do what I've done for the past few years.... roll my own cigarettes.

When the price of cigarettes got to $5.00 a pack here I made the decision to start rolling my own. I bought a rolling machine and a pound of tobacco, along with a box of filtered tubes. These are all readily available at most tobacco shops and the drive through shops too. The machine was almost $40. When I started this, a pound of tobacco was about $18 (It's now $23) and a box of tubes $2.50. Each box of tubes has between 200-250. Each pound will roll 2 1/2 to 3 boxes of tubes. Not counting the cost of the machine, I could roll my cigarettes for about $1.00 a pack - a little more now, but still much less than the going rate at the store for a pack of smokes. With two smokers in the house, this made lots of CENTS and even more DOLLARS. yeah, I know I could save even more if neither of us smokes. But we do.... so until we quit, I'll continue rolling.

I've tried many different brands of tobacco and tubes. The only machine I've used is made by TOP. It works very well and has a one year one time replacement warranty. The tubes I like best are ZEN. They work best in my machine. They come in full flavor, light and extra/ultra light. The tobacco I use is whatever is cheapest. I've bought tobacco and tubes on line and if you buy $100 the shipping is free. Beware though about buying on line... If you buy from the state of Texas, the tax is almost as much as the tobacco itself. I buy mine from a place in New York.

Rolling Tobacco and Pipe Tobacco are very similar, but not the same. Pipe Tobacco is much more moist and smells more like what you would get when you smoke a pipe. Not for everyone.

Sounds like a lots of work doesn't it? Time consuming? I can roll an entire box of tubes in less than an hour. I know this because I did it when we went on a trip one time. That's a whole carton of cigarettes. I usually roll them 2 packs at a time, which takes me less time than it does to smoke one cigarette.

So, if you smoke, and plan on continuing to smoke, it's a good alternative to buying them pre-rolled. If you have any questions, please ask. I'll be happy to share my experiences with you.


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