11th Annual Gardeners Gathering "GIG"

By Maridell (Maridell) on May 3, 2013

All are welcome, don't keep it under your hat....invite some gardening friends to attend with you! This is a fun time and great opportunity to share ideas with other gardeners . . . as well as plants.

The date is set! May 18th, 2013

The Location: Twin Lakes, Iowa at the home of Arlene (TwinLakesChef)

Arrival time is between 9 AM and 10 AM on Saturday. 

 Take this time to bring out your plants and do any private trades you have. 


 Potluck Lunch at 11:30 AM  followed by door prizes and plant swap. 


Special Event after the Plant Swap:

Ceramics Studio Visit with our Friendly Gardener Diane Vavak

(click on the photo to see her smiling face...and assorted inventory!)



What to expect at the swap? Here is some detailed information from last year:

It is a fun time. The swap itself starts with either one person, or a small group getting the word to GO ....and the race is on to grab a plant you have been eyeing....no pushing or tripping allowed!!!! The swap continues with taking turns selecting one plant. As the selection gets smaller the swap becomes a free for all. You will definitely have the opportunity to go home with lots of new plants. If you are new to gardening and don't have much to swap, don't be shy PLEASE come, we all want our extra plants to have a good home and it might as well be yours!!!

You actually have two opportunities to score some plants: you can start a list at the end of this article on the thread provided of items that you have and items you want. Other gardeners will see your "have and want" list and reply if they want to plan a separate trade with you. So you may end up bringing two groups of plants to the swap: those that you are trading with another person(s), and those that you are adding to the group of plants to be swapped.

Here is what to expect when you arrive for the swap. Plants are normally given an area outdoors and are grouped by growing conditions (sun, shade, perennial, annual). Veggies and herbs might have their own section. When you arrive bring out your plants and deposit them in the section that best describes them. While you are doing this make sure to keep your eyes open for plants that you hope to grab during the swap! IF YOU HAVE TRADES DO NOT SET THOSE PLANTS OUT - MAKE SURE TO FIND THE PERSON YOU HAVE A TRADE WITH AND DO YOUR TRADE PRIVATELY.

A little prep work you might want to consider: take a walk around your gardens at home now and see what is in condition for digging up. Because I still feel a bit new at this I sometimes I dig up and pot plants a couple weeks in advance so that I can keep an eye on them and make sure they are healthy and growing before I bring them to the swap. If you have not already saved containers to pot your plants in - start now. Anything will work, pots from plants you purchased last year, yogurt containers, coffee containers, dixie cups, milk jugs, you name it, we have seen it! Keep your plants light; instead of rocks for drainage use newspaper. Put your name and the name of the plant on each plant. You can use mail labels, popsicle sticks, old vinyl window slates, you can cut up strips out of a cottage cheese container, anything that works! Once you are ready to head to the swap a tarp or large rubbermaid containers (even the lids will do) will come in handy to protect your car from dirt and water.

Be prepared to share a little information about plants after the swap. You may have a gardener with a few questions before they head home with your plant.

 Questions & Comments?

Come to the discussion forum for some chat: http://cubits.org/GIG/thread/view/74453/, where you can let us know you are attending, wet our appetites for your potluck food, share if you have a door prize to bring (not necessary at all) and maybe do some trades.

See you there!

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