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Feb 21, 2010 3:16 PM CST
Name: Karen
Cincinnati, Oh
I was born and raised in Pittsburgh. I lived there until I was 25 then relocated to Cincinnati in 1977. That's only a 300 mile move, so I was surprised to find so many foreign-to-me foods.

Pittsburgh, at least back then, was a very ethnically diverse city. We had ethnic neighborhoods- Italian neighborhoods, Irish neighborhoods, Jewish neighborhoods, you name it. We even had a place called Polish Hill.

We ate a lot of Italian food. My Mom made the best lasagna. Italian hot sausage sandwiches were a staple. (spicy hot Italian sausage cooked with mounds of onion and green pepper slices, in spaghetti sauce on big hoagy rolls). Everybody ate 'em, everybody made 'em. They were a staple menu item at bars. When I moved to Cinti I was shocked they they didn't sell spicy hot Italian sausage- not on menus and not available at groceries. It has turned up at Kroger in the past year or so. Not all that spicy hot, but pretty good.

Here they ate metts and brats. (brats are pale, gray, anemic looking sausage). Whazzat??? German, of course. Never heard of them before.

Stuffed cabbage- another Pgh. staple. (ground beef rolled in cabbage leaf, cooked in a tomato based sauce, sometimes with sauerkraut). In Pgh it was on menus, always served at weddings. People here know what it is, but it's not something commonly served.

Pierogies were my favorite Pittsburgh food. I was so dismayed that they didn't sell them here. Nobody even knew what they were. (those frozen- in- a box Mrs T's things don't count- I mean big fresh home-made pierogies).
Pierogies are big dough balls (again belly bombs), look like ravioli but stuffed with mashed potatoes or or cheese or sauerkraut... I'm not sure what nationality- maybe Slovak? Hungarian? some eastern European country?
Ditto halushki(sp?) - noodles mixed with fried cabbage, lots of butter!

I moved here and discovered Cincinnati style chili. It's nothing like Tex-Mex chili. I hated it when I first moved here. Now, I love Skyline Chili.

And Cinci does have Graeter's ice cream, there's definitely something to be said for that.

Does your city/town have it's own unique delicacies?


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