Plants and Pals

By Chris Rentmeister (goldfinch4) on April 1, 2011

As I stroll through the gardens, I can count on finding my plants hanging around with their pals - and I don't mean other plants.



When the echinaceas are in bloom, you can

bet they will be loaded with bees and

butterflies. There's so much activity around

them it almost makes me dizzy!




The peonies will be full of ants slurping

up the sweet honey-like substance on the

flowers.  They don't eat or harm the

peonies; they're only there for a free lunch.

Even in the desert the cactus have companions, like this lizard sunbathing by the barrel cactus.




And if you're very lucky you may

even find a tree toad relaxing in

a daylily!



The slugs that will be snacking on

the hostas usually remain hidden

during the day, but sometimes a brave

one will show its face.  Of course, this

one looks pretty harmless.

Obviously you're not looking at photographs of real plants.  Everything in these pictures is made out of polymer clay.  This is part of my new series called "Plants and Pals" that I have released in my store just in time for Mother's Day.  Please visit my Garden Buddies store (Click here for Garden Buddies!) to see more "Plants and Pals" and other polymer clay Garden Buddies.

If you have any photos of your plants and pals that you'd be willing to share, please post them in the comments area at the end of this article.  I'd love to see who your plants are hanging around with!

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About Chris Rentmeister
I grew up in Wisconsin and have lived here most of my life. My hobbies are woodworking (specifically intarsia), working with hypertufa and cement, polymer clay, cooking and gardening. Whatever hobbies I'm interested in I tend to do to the extreme.

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