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Nov 21, 2010 8:48 PM CST
Name: Debbie
Denham Springs, La zone 8b
Oh my gosh. Winter had come and my garden looked worse than when I started. I couldn't believe that all of my work was gone. LOL
I tried to console myself,at the disarray of my garden, by using some of the gift card money my guys had given me for Christmas. I purchased a rose bush called Lady Elsie May. She's still growing strong. And the third photo was a mini rose bush my sister brought to me.
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Going thru my photos, I see that, even on January 2nd I still had some of the snapdragons and pansies blooming. I also see the addition of my water hose container in the left hand corner. As well as the blue tarp I used to try to save some of my plants from the cold by putting them in my shed.
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But by January 6th, everything was just about gone. We must have had a bad cold snap, but I didn't start keeping records of the weather until later, so I'm not sure.
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The plants in front of the swing, are the ones that I ran in and out of the shed. Our weather in the winter can range from 28 degrees in the morning and swing up to 70 degrees by afternoon. I got really tired of bringing them in and out. But I was so excited as the rhyzomes and bulbs that MS from DG had sent to me in the fall of 2007 where still growing.

And by February, everything was pretty much blah. Oh, and the leaves. Geez, I had never noticed them before. My husband always cut them up with his tractor. But I had warned him not to go around my garden. :)
(Tip) I have since learned to keep it up with the leaves as they fall. Never do I want to have to deal with all of those leaves again.
In 2009 I invested in a leaf blower/shredder. What a difference. It saves a lot of work and I can use the shredded leaves around my beds for mulch during the winter.
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Well, there was much work to be done, so on Saturday February 9th, I began my task of cleaning up my garden area.
By Monday, I had at least raked up alot of the leaves inside of my little white fences. With the exception of around Darions tree ring. I notice that those leaves stayed there for a long time. I also noticed the dark area of ground and realized why no grass grew there, it stayed too wet.
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I went to Lowes . I bought some more fences and an Arbor to finish closing off the garden area. The Arbor was reduced to $80.00 because it was a display. I also bought more edgers to make more beds with. And I raked and raked and raked. But, that didn't take care of the ugly bare wet ground in the middle.

I went shopping the last week in February at Clegg's nursery. When I left there, I stopped next door at the McDonalds and I noticed a dump truck, as he pulled in. I got out of my van and walked up to his door. I asked him if he delivered nursery grade soil to my area. He said yes. His truck held 8 yards and it was a pretty decent price, so I gave him directions to my home.

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On March 1st 2008,
the day he was to deliver, I began to take my fences down behind the swing and I pulled the swing over, so that he could back up and unload, right in the middle of my garden area. That would take care of the dark area that held water.

My husband took his tractor (the last time it would ever be in my garden :) and spread the dirt around and built up the center island area for my new palm tree and some of my roses. Also I bought a couple of Yucca plants at Walmart.
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I worked planting my new island bed, until after dark. And then I watered it. I was so happy.

Then the rains came. I could then see that my garden was still holding water, so I after it dried, I started raking the dirt around to eliminate puddles.
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And the rains almost washed away my island bed. Whew, would it ever end.
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But I didn't give up. Darion and I shored it up with pieces of concrete. (You remember the ones from his tree garden? Well, now the top layer had been transferred to surround my island.) My baby has helped me so much. After that was done, I went to buy mulch.
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Now the fun was about to begin. I had finally gotten the ground like I wanted it. My island bed was looking good. I had surrounded the garden area with white fences. I had made beds all along the fence with edgers and filled up the little beds with some of the dirt from the 8 yards delivered.

I still had the 'whole picture' to deal with so come with me on to the next thread to see what plants went into my garden in 2008.
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Apr 3, 2011 6:13 PM CST
Name: Debbie
Denham Springs, La zone 8b
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