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I live in South Mississippi zone 8a and have a passion/compulsion for Hedychium gingers. Unfortunately, only hedychiums and curcumas survive our winters for any length of time. With wintering in a greenhouse, some of the more tender varieties add to my joy. My collection of gingers has increased due to the gingers trades from people I have never had the pleasure to meet and from ginger collectors, who have become good friends.
Barbara Ward

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Image Hedychium Ginger Identification Form
By Barbara Ward on August 2, 2010

This is the first draft of a form for Hedychium ginger collectors to help identify gingers. Please cMail me with any comments and additions or corrections and feel free to download and print the form to use in your ginger identification. If you would like to help with working on the Ginger Cubits database, which will include more detailed information about Hedychiums than generally available to collectors, please cMail me. This is a project that will benefit every ginger collector. Barbara

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By Barbara Ward on June 8, 2010

About forty years ago, I moved to South Mississippi and saw my first Hedychium coronarium, Butterfly Ginger. At that moment, I was hooked. My greatest joy was becoming computer proficient and discovering there were Hedychiums in orange, peach, and yellow, and combinations of those colors. Since that time, my quest for Hedychiums has not stopped. Because of the internet and garden forums, ginger collectors can put together an excellent ginger collection without leaving home. Below is a list of sources to purchase gingers on the internet. Unfortunately, many fine sources collectors have used over the years have closed because of hurricanes and for economic reasons. They will be missed.

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This site is designed to disseminate information about gingers.It is also a place for posting your photos of plants in the Zingiberaceae or ginger families.

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